January 10, 2010

Just One Of Those Days...

This is my latest project. I've already finished the back and have attempted the sleeves twice so far...and I've ripped them back twice, too.

I decided to put it aside for a little while. I'm not sure why the sleeves aren't working out for me right now. The pattern for the sleeves is different from the pattern for the front and back (in the photograph). For some reason, once I start the increases, I mess up the design. I'm really a little frustrated, as I had hoped to be finished with the sweater by now. I want to get those sleeves worked out and done! Perhaps another day...

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Donna. Sometimes you just have to stop and walk away. I know how hard that is to do when your in the zone. Maybe when you pick it up tomorrow those sleeves will just fly outta your hands.

Congratulations on the win. I won the 2 prize there too!

Hugs....Tracy :)

Carol at Serendipity said...

Your knitting is just exquisite (all your work is) but I love the knitting. Still haven't seen you and haven't been to Susan's store!!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

You're a wise lady! Hand work should be enjoyable...and if it isn't working out wait until later when your mind and body are more refreshed. It looks like it's coming along beautifully--hope you'll post a picture or two when you're all done! ; )

Claudia said...

It looks beautiful, Donna. I've found that sometimes I have to put it away for a while and then go back. My problem is that I put it away for too long!


DeeDee said...

Thats the best plan..another day it will come easily to you...I so wish I could knit...this will be a lovely item...Gosh you are so talented.....I just love it casue I get to come visit everyday...hope today is a great day for ya Donna

The French Bear said...

Your knitting is fabulous, I think if I could knit like that I would be in Heaven. Sometimes we just need to step back and have a cup of tea or a little rest and then come back to what we were doing. I took apart my little bear I made for you because I didn't like his face, but now that the holiday rush is over I am getting back into my bears, your comment about the silver bears made me want to make them again!!!!
There is a web site called Drop Designs for knitting, have you seen it? Their designs are beautiful and inspiring!!
Margaret B

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh Donna,,if only I could do that,,send me the sleeves! I will make a purse out of them...you could have a vest instead,...lol,,,you think I'm kidding....but seriously, you will get it done,when the timeing is right. Your amazing!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Donna, such talent! Learning to knit is on my long list of things I want to learn to do... Theresa

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna~~
Oh what beautiful knitting! I just added your Etsy shoppe to my favs,too♥
Oh I do know that frustrating feeling about working on a pattern. After many,many times of ripping out, starting over~ I do finally put it aside,work on something else or just take a break entirely.
Also I do try to see if there have been any corrections made to the pattern, via online.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I am so impressed with your work. I could never do anything like that. I'm sure you'll get it going well soon. And your tea set is beautiful. Rosie

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Donna that is just sooooo gorgeous. I can imagine it is frustrating having to rip stuff out. (been there a million times with quilts!). Sure do wish we lived close so you could teach me how to make these beautiful things. I think your smart to put it down and pick it up again later when the bad "karma" wears off. hee,hee,hee.

Joan said...

I've made a sweater using this pattern and in that color! I still have it! Mine started from the neck down, and I only had to stitch the underarms to finish. It was all knitted in one piece. I haven't knitted in a long time. We use to get a pattern, figure out how many stitches to cast on, and knitted to complete a sweater. Then we added grossgrain ribbon, crocheted ball buttons, and used the button hole attachment on the sewing machine to make the button holes.
It will come to you.

Shirley said...

Your sweater will be beautiful when you get it finished. We all have the same kind of problems no matter what we are working on that we have to lay it down and then go back to it so you definitely are not alone. It will come to you. I will be waiting with the rest to see it when you are finished.


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