January 26, 2010

Scarf Love...

All those scarves I made over the holidays to present as gifts, and all the scarves I created last year...Can you tell I love making them? I love wearing them, too!
I saw my friend, Krisann last night when the yarnies all gathered at Books-A-Million. She hadn't been there for a while because she's been attending evening classes to become a certified massage therapist. (Congrats on your recent certification, KA!) It was so nice seeing her again, and she surprised me with a belated birthday gift. Inside her wrapped package was this lovely, soft pink scarf...FOR ME!!!

Remember, that I love drawing out my Birthday celebrations as long as possible. Thanks to my girlfriend, my last celebration lasted 53 days! A new record has been established!

My new scarf features a modified pineapple design, and she said it's called the small strawberry. Delicious! I wore it all night, and the rest of the gals loved it as much as I did. Thank you, Krisann, for this lovely scarf from your own, talented hands. It's my newest treasure!
I have to share this great new scarf book with you, too! Ocean Breezes by Sheryl Thies. It's chock-full of beautiful scarves with designs inspired by the sea. I have a favorite already, and can't wait to work on this design...
Starfish motifs embellish the center of this scarf. Isn't it pretty? I'm imagining an organic cotton yarn in a soft, natural sand color. Ok, I know...add it to the list, right? Right! I can't help it. It's officially "Scarf Love".

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Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

What a pretty pink scarf. I made several scarves last year for others, but have yet to make one for myself. Add that to my to-do list. :)

The knit scarves are gorgeous too.

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

You are so, so talented! And a lot more patient than I am!

Snap said...

Ocean Breezes has been on my wish list forever! I guess I'll have to break down and move it into my basket!

Jane said...

Very pretty scarf. I'm going to take a lesson from you and see if I can extend my birthday for that many days! I love a long celebration!

Shirley said...

Your scraf is beautiful. I still enjoy the handmade things, not only because of how pretty they are, but the love that went into making them. take care


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