January 17, 2010

Checking It Twice...

On Wednesday, I'll be teaching a Beaded Shawl class at A Good Yarn Sarasota. This pattern is from Deanna's Vintage
and it's a beautiful shawl.

This past weekend, I spent my recuperation reading the pattern and then starting the knitting process. One of the things I tell people who are either beginning knitters, or who are knitting a new technique is that "Patterns are meant to be knit, not read."

I found those words to be particularly true when going through the instructions for this shawl. Try as I may, I couldn't tell from reading it exactly how this shawl was going to work up. I couldn't tell if I'd be knitting it "top down", "bottom up" or "side to side". After setting up the yarn and beads, I began knitting the pattern and all was revealed. It will be created side to side.

Today, I'll continue working on the shawl, making class notes and taking photos to help my students envision "the next step". I think of myself as a "fearless knitter", because I'm never intimidated to try something new, but not everyone has my (sometimes obnoxious) level of confidence. Because I'm going through this process before the class, I'll be able to give some of my confidence to each of my students. By working the pattern right before they do, I'm checking each step twice for them. My students won't have to worry about pattern accuracy as they embark on this new project. I want to be sure that Wednesday is fun for all of us!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Donna,

Your shawl is beautiful and I hope that the class and your students have fun.

Happy week

te_roti said...

I'm like you, read the pattern as you knit the article. I find trying to read it in advance often puts me off. I figure I've been knitting long enough that I should be able to cope with it. If the pattern is too much of a drag I just won't knit it again.

I'm sure your class will be a real winner with the participants and you'll all have a great time. Enjoy.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your students are so lucky to have you teaching them. You will give them the skills and confidence they need along with your sparkling personality! I hope you are feeling great now. Have a nice week! Twyla

The French Bear said...

You my girl are an awesome teacher!!! How I would love to learn knitting with you! I am still timid about wearing my beautiful scarf, I don't want to break the beads or have them come off. I love it so, I wear it in the house and the store, I have had so many compliments!!! Everyone wants to know how you knit the beads in, I tell them they have to go to you for classes!!!
Margaret B

DeeDee said...

Beautiful and I bet you are a great teacher...so prepared, and very talented in the art of what you do...have fun

DeeDee said...

Thanks Donna....for the link

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh how I wish we lived close I would love to have you teach me this. This is something I have always wanted to do.
Your such a beautiful person Donna and I always enjoy my visits over here

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I know your students are going to have the best time ever! Sure wish I could be one of them!
Too fun!

Grandma Nina said...

Wish I lived close so I could take this class from you. I have found as you say to be true with knitting patterns. When I read a pattern I can get very confused, but if I just start knitting as I go through the pattern one step at a time it seems so easy.
Love this beaded shawl.
I'll have to take a look at your link. Thanks.

Shirley said...

Your shaw is going to be so pretty. I wish I had the time to try everything that I would like to do. Looking forward to seeing it when you get it finished

The Rustic Victorian said...

How pretty! I am glad you are mending, and getting excited for the future projects.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could take this class but it would be tooooo far to travel.


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