January 3, 2010

New Woolies...

I can't tell you how excited I was on Saturday when the latest package arrived in the mail. I had ordered a new selection of hand-dyed wools...and they were all in that box!

Beautiful shades of brown, gold, grey and a few other scrumptious shades mixed in. My mind has been racing. I can't wait to start playing with all these new woolies.

There will be Brynwood Acorn Ornaments added soon to my Boutique, and I've got a few other new ideas for some of the other fabrics.

I won't tell you exactly what I'm working on, but I think you'll like what I'm currently creating in the studio. (Oh, I hope you do!) Suffice it to say, "vintage buttons", "sparkling beads", "shimmering fabric" and my new "scrumptious, sumptuous woolies". I promise not to make you wait too long.
By the way...I'll be cleaning my "blog house" over the next week...adding some new features and moving some regulars. I'll think you'll like what you see...

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Jane said...

The fabric is gorgeous and I know you will come up with something fabulous. Can't wait to see your next creation!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, it's so much fun seeing other's crafting supplies! I got as excited over your stack of wool that you probably did when you opened it! It looks gorgeous, especially that grey. I know that you will make exquisite things with it. Have fun! Twyla

DeeDee said...

I love woolies..I just dung my closet out and found all my woolie....cannot wait to see what you create.....

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Donna,

Oh, how I love the hand dyed wools..I have quite a collection started. Those browns are just so warm and cozy and that's what most of us need to feel right now! It's very cold up here on the mountain...it's snowing as I type this. I think you are going to get some record breaking cold down your way this week too.

I wish your New Year to be bright and merry with more bliss than ever!

I love working on my blog design..always new stuff to add and rearrange. I must go visit your boutique blog!

Shirley said...

I can't wait to see what you make with your beautiful dyed wool. I really like the colors.


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