January 13, 2010

Comfort Food...

This is a little vignette I put together on our kitchen counter recently. It incorporates my three newest cookbooks...Pioneer Woman Cooks, Coming Home, and The Williamsburg Cookbook.

I had purchased Coming Home last summer. (Remember the post I did for that fabulous Crustless Pumpkin Pie? It was a real hit for Thanksgiving!)
Pioneer Woman Cooks was a gift from younger son's family for Christmas. It was a request that I was so happy to receive. Ree Drummond is the real deal, and every page has something wonderful to read, cook or see. Her photos are great. I have made some of her dishes, and highly recommend her Chicken Spaghetti. It's as big a hit around here as it is with her family. I have her blog in my blog roll, so check it out some time.The last cookbook has a cute story behind it. For Christmas, I made a pretty, girly, cotton apron for daughter-in-law #2 (The Ar-teest). I also machine embroidered some kitchen towels for her in vintage, Sunbonnet Sue, red-work designs. As her final gift, I included a soft cover version of The Williamsburg Cookbook. I had picked it up for her when I was in Williamsburg last fall.
Can you imagine how tickled I was to open up the beautiful wrapping to see that same daughter-in-law had found a hard-cover copy of the same cookbook to gift to me? I was over the moon excited! I guess it's true that we can't go wrong if we give a gift we'd love to receive. This year I did!

I'm really looking forward to trying the recipes in this new cookbook, as well as delving deeper into the other two books. Won't that be fun?

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DeeDee said...

I love cook books too....great mineds think alike in your family...lol.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Donna, love your kitchen vignette, and all those cookbooks look great. I'd buy that "Coming Home" for the cover alone! You're in my prayers for the "coming out" party! Praying for no problems and a speedy recovery!

sassytrash said...

Love your kitchen vignette, and have fun trying those yummy recipes! You live pretty near my hometown! My sister lives in Nokomis, but used to live on a boat near Northport. I hope you didn't get too much freeze damage!

Jane said...

You created a beautiful vignette. Have fun trying out recipes from your cookbooks (and let me know about the really good ones!)

Cozy Little House said...

I have the first two cookbooks! Aren't they great?

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

That's a lovely kitchen vignette!

Oh, and I LOVE chicken spaghetti! I have a super duper hot recipe for it, if you like it spicy. :-)


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Those look wonderful! Let me know if you find any fabulous veggie recipies!
Oh... and don't you dare worry about WHW! I think you had much more important things on your mind!
Silly girl. ;)
love ya!

Christine Edwards said...

Donna, I'm a fan of Pioneer Woman too, more for her photography posts. :-) I have yet to try out any of her recipes, but she makes them look so yummy with her fantastic photos. May have to give the Chicken Spaghetti a try.


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