January 31, 2010

EOM Silver Sunday...

Today is the last Silver Sunday for January. We still have another chance to wow you with our collections after today, but I want to thank Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal for inviting all of us to share our love of silver with you.

My first "bring and brag" contributions are a beautiful pair of egg coddlers that I've owned since 1981. I purchased them in Grand Cayman as a souvenir of my first trip to the island. They're Royal Worcester (pronounced "Wooster") with silver screw-on lids. They're embellished with exquisite and accurate renditions of blackberries around the outside of the bases. Perhaps you already know what an egg coddler is, but just in case it's something new to you, I'll explain how you use one. While you boil a saucepan-full of water, put some warm water into the coddler and then pour it out. (You don't want it to crack when you place it in the saucepan.) Next, place a pat of butter (I don't use margarine) in the bottom of the coddler, and then crack a raw egg into it. Secure the lid and place the closed coddler into the boiling water (which has been taken off the heat).

I use an egg timer that goes right into the water with my eggs (called the Eggsact Egg Timer. I wrote about it in a previous post. Click on its name to learn more about how to get your own.), and once that shows me that the eggs are cooked to my desired doneness, I remove the coddler from the water, open the lid and run a butter knife around the interior of the container. The egg will easily lift out and it's ready to enjoy. You can place your cooked eggs on toast or an English muffin, and even add Hollandaise sauce if you'd like. I always clean my coddlers by hand and not in a dishwasher. I'm hungry now. I might have to go and give the pair a whirl!
I also want to show you this label that I've had for years. I purchased it at a trade show from my friend Lydia Reed at Wyndham Needleworks. I haven't seen my old friend in years, but she's still in business and has an online shop with many unique items.

I wish I could tell you loads about this label, but alas, I'm light on information about it. It measures approximately 4 1/2-5" wide and is about 3 1/2" tall. It's silver metallic paper and has adhesive on the back.Upon close inspection, you'll see that it has a small plate on the bottom center with the letters "No" (as in "number") and "Yds", so it leads me to believe that it was a label for a thread, ribbon or other fiber. If anyone has more information to share with me about this, I'd really appreciate it! (Perhaps I'd better send photos and an email to Lydia to see what she can tell me!)

I hope you enjoy today's treasures. Be sure to head over to Gypsy Fish Journal to see the other silver treasures our participants have to share with you. Thanks again, Beth! See you there...

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Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Donna, I have seen those a few times but I have never eaten an egg that had been cooked in an egg coddler. It sounds very good and I think I have to watch out for a pair. The label is very pretty!
Have a great Silver Sunday!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Donna!
I am catching up to you this morning. I don't know where the time goes, so many wonderful blogs to visit all the time,,,,but you are always a delight. The label is wonderful, seems familiar somehow...
Now I am hungry!

Jane said...

Good Morning Donna,
I'll take my egg sunny side up, thank you!
Thanks for the information about the coddler. I was unfamiliar with these (as I am about most things in the kitchen). I don't know if all coddlers are as pretty as yours but I really enjoyed learning about them.
That is a cool label. Sorry I don't know anything about it.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, I have a small collection of egg coddlers. As a teenager I was drawn to one because it was so pretty. Later I found out what it was and tried it. Very interesting idea I think. My egg poacher is easier or I'd use them more often. Have a nice Sunday! Twyla

The French Bear said...

Love your egg coddlers! How precious, I have never heard of or seen them before, they are really neat!
I just love how you have the most interesting things and such beautiful collectables too!!
Margaret B
Love the ribbon embroidery books, that has been one of my many loves!!!

Sherrie said...

Od course I do poached eggs all the time, my favorite, especially with the sauce. But this is new to me, and I love seeing something new, an egg coddler. I will have to find some.

Gracie Jewellery said...

Neat silver label. Old labels always lent a touch of class to things, didn't they?

Shirley said...

You taught me about something new. I hadn't heard of an egg coddler. I always love reading your blog.
Take care

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I didn't know about Egg Coddlers...but I sure could use one. I loved poached eggs and I battle the microwave kind of cooker all the time...I also need the egg timer thingy....thanks for the info.
Happy SS!

Mimi said...

Cute little coddlers with the blackberries/flowers on them. Thanks for sharing.

Gypsy Fish said...

I love the name egg coddler..it's so cute! Thanks for being part of Silver Sunday....see you next week~
{{gypsy hugs}}

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Great Info ~ Love the Egg Coddlers, I use to have one in blue & white, not sure where it ever disappeared to.... I did not know you actually placed them in the pot~ well I have learned some new things today on Silver Sunday...

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Nope, I knew NOTHING about egg coddlers! Isn't it amazing all the new things we've learned during these weeks of SS?

Thanks *so* much for being a faithful friend in coming over to say howdy to me these past days when I've been sick as a dog, it's meant a lot! :-)


beedeebabee♥ said...

I enjoyed this post, and it made me hungry for eggs too! I've never even heard of an egg coddler before! I wonder if they sell those at Bed Bath and Beyond! If they do, I'm certain they won't be as pretty as yours are! Hugs, Paulette ;)

sanjeet said...

The label is very pretty!

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Michelle (Shell) May said...

I had no idea what an egg coddler was. How cool is that!
That label is beautiful. Amazing how something as simple as a label can be so lovely.


Lovely egg coddlers! And that tag has so much lovely detail. ~ Angela


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