January 8, 2010

Loose Ends and Good Food...

There were a couple of comments yesterday wondering what the golden acorn was in my post. Hold onto your hats, girlfriends. You won't believe this, but my elegant, unassuming, little acorn is a vintage cigarette lighter!

I've been collecting acorns for a long time, and this was one that I found early on. It stands about 3 1/2" tall, so it's a nice size. It's no longer used as a lighter (I don't even know if it works), but I still love having it around. I think it's pretty cool. Thanks for noticing it in my photo.

Another loose end from the past week was my cabinet card project.
The beautiful repros I received from Margaret B. were printed on card stock, but in our usually humid climate, they had begun to curl. I decided to mount them onto fomecore and then add a few embellishments. I really love these images. I hope you think I did them justice. Buttons, ribbons and a little TLC, and now they're standing in the studio where I'll see them every day. Thanks again, Margaret!

Finally, I want to tell you about two recipes I made yesterday. I don't usually find a recipe in a magazine that I'm moved to immediately create, but yesterday was an exception. I purchased the most recent issue of MaryJanes Farm. I always find an interesting article or crafting idea in this 'zine, but when I read it yesterday, I found two - that's right, two - intriguing recipes.

I made the Irish Soda Bread recipe, but instead of making only one larger loaf, I made two smaller round loaves. The great thing about this bread recipe is that it is better if you don't knead it, and from start to finish, the loaves took less than an hour to make.

Then, I made the Steak and Potato Pie recipe, but I adjusted it. Because Handsome and I eat a low carb diet, bread and potatoes would be a bit much in the same meal. I knew my plan for the bread loaves, so I omitted the potatoes from the pie recipe. When everything was prepared, I hollowed out the soda breads and served the steak mixture inside the bread.

If you've never checked out this magazine before, you might want to get this issue - even if it's just for the recipes. Comfort food for a cold Florida evening. Just the ticket.

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My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Donna. Congrats on winning one of my blog give aways! Please email me your mailing address to dswideman@comcast.net. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Sharon

DeeDee said...

Ah! I was wondering what it really was..i was hoping it held a pin cushion inside...hehehe!...the bread sounds yummy to me..Have a good day Donna.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

A cigarette lighter??? I would never have guessed that! Cool!
My grammy looooooooved Irish soda bread. She always wanted me to pick it up for her at the market and wanted it sliced nice and thin. This post made me smile when I thought of her and that memory. Her 93rd bday would have been this coming Monday the 11th. Sure do miss her. Sure am glad I have wonderful memories that are as simple as Irish soda bread. :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Yikes, I am getting around late today! Can't miss a day without seeing what you are up to though:) That lighter is so cute. I have never bought Mary Jane's Farm, but I know it comes highly recommended by many bloggers. I am going to have to check it! Your cabinet cards are so pretty and I am so glad they are not the originals. Lindsey and I always scan our vintage images and only use the copies. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Twyla

Linda K. said...

Your acorn lighter is very pretty. And the cabinet cards really are nice looking and the embellishments were a sweet addition. Have a wonderful Sunday, Donna.

Many Blessings,

Kathy said...

LOVE the acorn! I missed in the first post but glad I caught it today. It's so unique. And what a great collection - acorns!

Have a beautiful new week...Kathy

BellaRosa said...

I really enjoyed visiting your blog, so much so that I became a follower so that I could come back and enjoy it some more..Hope you have a wonderful New Year, may it be filled with much love & laughter. Besos, Rose

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

You definitely did them justice, and then some! I subscribe now to Mary Jane's. I like the down-to-earthness, lack of glossy commercial ads, and of course the crafting.

Piney Rose said...

I just love this little tea set.
And the fact that it is still in the family after all this time. Thank you for sharing.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Acorns are such cute things to collect! I don't have a collection, but I do have a really pretty salt and pepper pair of acorns a friend bought me!...I've never heard of Mary Jane's Farm, I'll have to keep an eye out! Hugs, Paulette

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh neet! a lighter,,who would have guessed...it so perfect for your collection.
Now I'm hungry, I have been thinking of makeing bread,,wonder if I can anymore,,,wonder if I should, it seems it goes right to my backside.!!
Good Post Donna


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