January 5, 2010

Really, I'll Be Fine...

Welcome to another "Wild Hare Wednesday"...

Don't worry, I didn't empty out another closet or dump the contents of all our dresser drawers out to be reorganized. I promised that this week I'd reach back in time for my story. In keeping with that promise, let's step into my Wayback Machine, shall we, Sherman?

I'm quite fortunate in that I was raised to believe there really isn't anything I can't accomplish if I practice and/or really put my mind to it and, until about 1985, I did pretty well with that. Then, it hit me. Right smack in the kisser. I still get a little queasy just thinking about it. Wait. Let me sit down before I proceed. It's ok. I think I'll be alright now.

What happened was that I had decided I wanted to make dolls. Go figure. It was about the time that the Cabbage Patch Kids were all receiving their printed birth certificates and being placed under cabbage leaves in family gardens. Little kids were begging for them. Moms and grandmas were frantically sewing, knitting or crocheting little outfits for the new arrivals (I still have patterns in case anyone is interested), and I was sitting in my sewing room with this idea that kept chewing at me. (I wouldn't have dreamed of calling it a studio in those days!)

Coming from a long line of educators, I had this boffo idea of going up against those insipid CPKs with an educational doll. Yeah, that's it. I'll call 'em "Tater Tots". (Stop laughing. I can hear you!) And, I would do more than a phony adoption or birth certificate. I would include a little growing kit along with it. Sure. Why not? I can package up a little baggie full of dirt, a peat pot and oh, I don't know...how 'bout a potato eye that would grow into a nice big 'tater when it was planted? (Do you need to run potty about now? Perhaps I can offer you a Kleenex to dry your eyes?)

I got all the way through this process and then headed to the sewing room. I was gonna make a doll. In my head it would be beautiful...and smart. Problem was, after a week of trying...in the end, the best I could do was this stuffed fabric lump that more closely resembled the next craze to come along...The Couch Potato! ARRRGGGHHH! Are you kidding me? I can't make a doll? How pathetic am I? Really? I can't make a little, flippin' doll? (Deep breaths, now.) Nope. All those years of false confidence, blown into the stratosphere in one short week.

So, all the planning and dreaming of wealth and fame ("Meet the woman who single-handedly took on a pop phenom like Cabbage Patch Dolls, or Pet Rocks, or Care Bears. Meet "The Mother of the Tater Tots"!) Yup. Then I woke up...as if from a bad dream. I want my mommy.

The boys still laugh about it. "Word" was passed along to our daughters-in-law. Everyone knows that they can ask me to make anything from Grammies Jammies to wedding gowns. But pity the poor fool that asks me to make a doll.

Head over to Shell's blog to check out the other "Wild Hare" stories. (Say "Hi" to Razzy and Sugie for me.) Oh, and so you don't think that beautiful doll face is anything I had a hand in creating...That baby face belongs to a Dear Ones™ doll created by Kezi Matthews. Here's a link to her sweet babies. I'm gonna go lie down now.

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DeeDee said...

I love the Tater tots name...hehehe! I bet you can really make a doll...to match them jammies... or wait make jammies for the doll to match thier jammies...lol..such a cute story...made me giggle a bit...

Tracy Suzanne said...

That's such a cute story. It really made me smile, sorry it was at your expense. Well even if I believed you can't make a doll, I know you can sure tell a good story.

Happy thoughts...Tracy :)

te_roti said...

Aww Donna. Such a sweet story. We can't be good at making everything and you're pretty damned good at the things you do make. Other than making millions with your "Tater Tots", how would you have found the time to make all the other fab things?


The Farmer's Attic said...

'Tator Tots - hahahahahahahaha!!! Even if you can't make a doll, your work is absolutely gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I want you to know that the video arrived and Rowan and Finnola and I are going to watch Grandpa play music for a bit today! Next, I did NOT know the Tater tot backstory... Just that asking you for dolls was out... That was too funny! You should talk to Christina over at Bamboletta. She basically did what you were thinking of doing, only her nitch market is that they are "Waldorf dolls." The Tater Tottiest of the Tots. Those are the ones the girls have. I do believe you would do a great job making dollies!!!!!! Hrmf.......... Thanks for the giggle!

Claudia said...

I love this story, Donna! I have had a few of those hare-brained ideas myself. Usually I can accomplish what I want to - but occasionally, forget it!

Love the name Tater Tots!


Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Well I love the Tator Tots idea! And I'm not laughing. So many times I've come up with ideas and got so excited. And then. Slump. Drifted back into the oblivion of my short memory. You're too funny!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, I enjoyed your wild hare story so much! I love your sense of humor. What doll is in the picture? If that's one you made, she's beautiful! I like your idea and maybe the timing just wasn't right. Maybe you should give it another try. I think you are pretty talented! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Twyla

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Oh my!!! I'm totally in love with this story as it relates to so many of my "hare brained" ideas. However, as the others have said you are so very talented in so many other things (like making a wedding gown!!!! get out!!!!) that a "tater tot" just wasn't in your niche of fabulous designs. Funny how we can be good at so many thing and then sometimes something can kick our butts! Ok... I'm trying to quit laughing....hee,hee,hee.
love ya,

Shirley said...

I really enjoyed the story and thanks for the laugh after my day. More snow.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Donna, this is a great story, And I applaud your ambition and talent. I think that maybe making a "potato" doll just was too easy for you. You're much too talented for "spuds"! And looking at the shawl that you have going on in today's post I would say. You are right in your niche!
You are so hilarious!
love ya,


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