October 1, 2009

Whispering In The Studio...

"Well...Today's the big day!"

"I'm going to be taking a little trip, and
to tell the truth, I'm a little nervous about it.
I've been pretty happy here, you know."

"Don't worry. Donna told me where you're going to live.
I'm sure you're going to be very, very happy there!"

"Can you tell me where I'm going?"

"Sorry, Snookums. No can do. If I tell you, then it won't be a surprise.
I'm sure you'll know very soon...and then Donna will tell everyone.
Safe travels, Little Sister. Have a good life."

I had so much fun with these projects. Now, I'm shipping one of the pincushions off to one of my girlfriends in Blogland. I can hardly wait to see her reaction!! I'll keep you posted.

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Nancy said...

What a darling pin cushion. I will have to keep my out for this time of ceramic when I go looking for treasures at the Salvation Army. I just love the ideas you share with us.

Cheryl ~Zany-Mayd said...

Hi Donna,

Just wanted to stop by to say Hello, I Love the Bunny Pin Keeps, How Sweet! Thank you for entering my give-away, You are officially in X's 3 for posting a link..... don't forget another give-away starts on the 17th.....

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Well what can I say??? I sent you an email, but not sure if you got it. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!! You are so incredibly kind to think of me and send me such a beautiful gift. It's perfect up in Bunnyville. Thanks Donna from the bottom of my heart. I'll treasure this gift.
big bunny hugs,


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