October 15, 2009

Kitchen Makeover And A New Boutique Offering...

I kept my word today. I started by taking a short road trip to a nearby quilt shop to drop off two of my quilt tops. Garden Magic and Cotton Candy are now out for machine quilting and should be back so I can bind them by the end of November. I think the hardest part is always waiting for them to come back!
When I got back home, I proceeded to tear the kitchen apart. Handsome helped me empty the shelves and then refresh buckets of hot water and cleaner while I scrubbed them. I'm ashamed to say I hadn't cleaned the tops of those cabinets in a while and they really needed it! I dare say you could eat off them now.

In the mosaic above, the first two images are "before" pictures. The rest are a progression as I emptied, cleaned and re-staged the kitchen. You can click on the mosaic and it will take you to my Flickr album where you can see enlarged photos.

Please let me know what you think now that I'm finished. Well, almost finished. I looked at the "after" photos and decided that the two large wooden bowls on the floor of the south wall (the wall with the blue & white turkey platter and other blue & white pieces) need to come out of the kitchen. They make for a sort of black hole in the room. I'll be selling those. I also noticed that the little box on the bottom shelf of the island looks out of place, so I'm moving that, too.

What did I do with the other things you no longer see in the kitchen? Well, the pitcher and creamer collection is now carefully packed and stored. I don't want to part with those (at least for now), but there is no specific place for them, so off to storage for now. The Toby face mugs will be sold. I only found out today that Handsome really doesn't like them. I'm not attached to them, so away they'll go. Same for the majolica pig pitcher I have. Everything else is on its way to Goodwill or one of my sales outlets. Feel free to contact me if you saw something you might like. I promise I'll give you a fair price!

All in all, I think this was a completely worthwhile project. The room looks lighter, more cohesive and it's definitely more clean! If you ask me, I think we did pretty well with this makeover.

Thanks again for all your comments. They really helped! Oh, by the way, click on her blog title here to link over to Anita's blog Bloomin' Workshop and read her post from yesterday. It's Halloween-type spooky that we wrote about darn near the same thing! Right down to the Scandinavian furniture reference! Whew!

I don't want to forget to tell you about my new offering in my Brynwood Boutique! I'd love to know what you think of my sweet Dotty Cat Pincushion!
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Terri said...

It fabulous! Great job! I'm thinking you are pretty pleased with this accomplishment. I know I would be. Wished I could of come over to help..to me this is like playing.

Beth Gales said...

You are a busy lady!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I guess that's why I have my "garden room" and my husband has his living room. I tend to spend my time in here, and he in his, as he watches tv and I don't. This way I decorate my spot any old way I want to, and don't care what he thinks about it!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Bravo! Well done! I think you did a great job and everything looks so fresh! Doesn't it feel soooo good to do that?
bunny hugs,


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