October 28, 2009

Lots of Paint...

I've done so much painting this week that I find it difficult to walk by the end of each day. All the calisthenics - up and down ladders, reaching over my head to cut in the top of the walls or on my knees to cut in the bottom of the walls. It's been easy to fall asleep at night!

I have a few photographs for you. I'm sorry that I forgot to take the before photograph of the guest room. Close your eyes and imagine a sort of 1970's acid yellow. There was a lot of furniture all lined up along the walls and nails left over from many now-removed pictures. Very bright and sunny and a bit cluttered. Now...
Soft green walls (dictated by the carpet, which wasn't going to change), a new blue, green and white chabby-look quilt which pulled the colors together, less furniture and a lot less on the walls...one plaque survived, actually. What do you think so far?

Then, I tackled the computer/sewing room. I admit that some things had been moved in there while other rooms were being cleaned, but even so...intense aqua walls just weren't going to be suitable for a sale. Here's the "before" photo:
And now, it has neutral walls in a color called Stonecliff, half the furniture removed along with most of the extras. What do you think of this room now? (Ignore the dog toy in the middle of the carpet. Hmmm, how did that get there?)
Mum is really happy with the results and even wants to duplicate the green when she moves to Florida. We think it's been worth the effort for the results. While I was busy with paint and set up, she was wrapping and packing up those removed items that she felt she couldn't live without. The rest was taken out to the garage and the Salvation Army truck came and hauled it all away. She's just as tired as I am by dinnertime, so meals are quiet with two weary women off to their respective rooms shortly after.

Today, I'll be moving into the bedroom of the Lady of the House, and Mum will be running a carpet cleaner in the living room. When that's done, I'll have more photos to share. Can't wait to hear what you think!

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Claudia said...

You've been so busy and it is definitely paying off! Everything looks great!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I wish you could hear me clapping! Excellent job! Fresh, clean, uncluttered and perfect staging to sell a house! Well done my friend.
bunny hugs,

Snap said...

Well done! Downsizing, getting ready for a move, and preparing for a move -- lots of hard work for both of you. Looking great!

Christine Edwards said...

Wow Donna, you guys have definitely been busy. That soft green looks great, and works well with the carpet. And the more neutral color in the sewing room is perfect. All of this hard work will definitely pay off. I'm not surprised you both are exhausted at the end of the day.

te_roti said...

It's looking really good. Be careful she might want to stay once you have it all finished. Keep up the good work.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Well, I think you've done a super job! You remind me of that show on HGTV where they go in and make over a house so they can get more money for it. Get some rest! Twyla

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all these photos. It has been fun going on your visit with you. The rooms look fantastic. I hope it sells fast.

How exciting to have your mum moving to Florida. I bet you are thrilled. I wish my folks could move closer to us. I hope your package arrived safe and sound. I can't wait for you to open it. I slipped a little surprise in there for you.

Happy decorating,


KnitWithTammy said...

Tell Mum I like the bright aqua of the computer room! ;)
But, the spare room looks remarkable!!! Good work, Dear!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing all these photos it has been fun going on your visit with you.
The rooms look fantastic, I hope it sells fast.

How exciting to have your mum moving to Florida I bet you are thrilled, I wish my folks could move closer to us.
I hope your package arrived safe and sound I can't wait for you to open it, I slipped a little surprise in there for you:)

Happy decorating,


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