October 22, 2009

My Best Friend...

Wednesday night, I flew to Wisconsin and my best friend, Lee picked me up at the airport. We had dinner together and then went to her home, where I spent the night. We sat up and talked until after two o'clock in the morning, and it was nearly three by the time I finally fell asleep. (Well, it was actually more like I just passed out from exhaustion!)

When we both got up this morning, we shared breakfast and talked over coffee, and later, we shared lunch together. By late afternoon, she and I finally got back in the car and drove to my mum's house. Mum had been anxiously awaiting our arrival and we were all glad to see each other again.

Rather than just drop me off, Lee sat down and visited with my mum. The reason I'm at Mum's this week is to help her clear, destash and stage her home to put on the market to sell. Once it's sold, she's going to move down to Florida so she can live near Handsome and me. Lee knew that moving furniture was on my agenda, so she immediately pulled up her sleeves and said, "I'll help. Let's get this furniture moved."

We unhooked the wiring for Mum's television and Lee marked the cables so we'd know where everything went for the "replugging". We moved furniture, big and small and then revamped the window treatments...all the while calming down Mum and assuring her that this "look" will help sell her home faster. We know that the whole experience is more than a little traumatic for Mum, but Lee helped me bolster her so that she could feel more comfortable with what was going on. Afterwards, the three of us had dinner and then Lee left to go home, care for their dogs and get some rest before going back to work tomorrow.

If you're very fortunate, you too have a girlfriend like mine. You may not speak with each other regularly, but you can rest assured that if you're thinking about her, she's thinking about you. You know that she's missing you just as much as you're missing her. And, you know when you see her, it will be like no time has passed at all since your last visit...even if it's been months or years. Today she shared my burden and made it lighter for us all the way around. Thanks, BFF.
The photograph of the two of us was taken when Lee was at our home in Florida. Instead of standing outside in the warm, Florida sunshine, today was windy, wet and cold in Wisconsin. When you're with your best friend, it's easy to find your own sunshine. So, in spite of the weather, today was just perfect!

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Janet Happy Girl said...

Oh my are best friends great? Mine doesn't live near me anymore either but I flew to see her and it's like time has never passed. We just picked up right where we left off.

Jane said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on best friends....no matter what, they are there for you...and Lee definitely sounds like that kind of friend.
Good luck with staging and selling your Mom's house....not an easy move for her I'm sure.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

So wonderful that your mum is moving close by you! She is lucky to have you to help her sell her home. I am lucky enough to say I have a best friend like yours. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

DeeDee said...

Wow, Donna what a great friend indeed...I was once again thinking of you today myself....I parked at the post office and run in with out a second glance...when I retuned to my car I found 2 acorns laying in the wiper slot on my car....naturally I thought Donna must have thrown those there..lol

I am so happy your Mum will soon be close...I haven't been bloggin much lately but will catch up here soon once my grandkids head back up north..take care and relish that freindship they are few and far between....
have a great weekend

Michelle (Shell) May said...

There is nothing quite as wonderful as your BFF. I'm 41 and have had my BFF since I was 12. We have been tight ever since and I only see her once a year, but it feels like we're still 12 when we're together. Such a gift she is.

Embellished Bayou said...

It's so great that you have such a wonderful time with your best friend, even if it involves heavy lifting! My best friend and I met in middle school and still get together almost weekly now 17 years later!

Christine Edwards said...

You really are quite fortunate that you still have that kind of friend that you can just pick up with after a lapse of time, and who will drop everything to help out when needed. That really is a BFF.


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