October 3, 2009

Miss Ellie And The Dinosaurs...

It occurred to me during Saturday breakfast with my friend, Netta, that I hadn't completed a blanket for Project Linus in a while. What, with traveling to Wisconsin and Virginia recently, and the other projects which have occupied my thoughts, I had temporarily neglected my charitable production.

So, as soon as I got home, I headed to the studio. I opened my cupboard and started sorting through my - ahem - vast stash, and chose four fabrics for a quilt for a Linus child. Then, Miss Ellie (my workhorse sewing machine) and I got busy.

By dinnertime I had completed the cutting, piecing, sewing, and assembling my quilt top, batting and backing. This colorful quilt measures 37" wide by 48" long. Perfect size for a youngster, don't you think?

After stopping long enough to make dinner (easy chicken on the grill - my favorite standby), I retired again to the studio to make the binding, attach it to the quilt and do the hand sewing. I finished at 11:45 pm, showed it to Handsome - who just giggled - and declared my Saturday a huge success!

I'll be taking it to our Project Linus group on Monday to turn in. Although I'll never meet the recipient, I am sure it will be appreciated and am tickled that I could spend my Saturday doing something creative and warm for someone else. I was also more than slightly delighted to have finished my week on a creative high note.

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Katie - My Paisley Apron said...

I love, love, love, love, love it!

For one of my baby showers, we got a gorgeous bunny quilt (similar to this style) for Elijah; if we hadn't, I'd definitely make him something like this myself!


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