October 4, 2009

Get Your Motor Running...

Sunday was a beautiful day here in southern Florida. A perfect day for a motorcycle ride, in fact.

We rode out late Sunday morning for brunch in Sarasota and then enjoyed a leisurely ride home. We also stopped along the way to check out some toy haulers. All in all, our ride was about sixty miles round-trip.

When we got home, we parked the bikes in the shade so they could cool off, and I snapped this picture to show you what our bikes look like. Both of them are Harleys.

Mine is the bike in the foreground. It's a 2003 100th Anniversary Softtail Deuce. They quit making them this year, so I guess I may eventually end up with a "collector". I love this bike. Riding it's a ball!

Handsome's bike is the beauty in the background. It's a 2004 Heritage Softtail Classic with a custom paint job. He tells me that ladies frequently approach him to tell him they love the colors. He says that he always replies, "Thanks! My wife chose these colors." (Yeah, right, Honey!)

By the time we got back home, the temperature had risen into the high 80's or low 90's, so a dip in the pool was in order. We swam, floated, tossed a couple of retrieves so Kes could cool off, too, and then just hung out until we were both prune-y. That was the extent of our exertion today. Tough, right? Not at all. It was a thorough day of rest. Sometimes, you just need to do nothing.

Hope your Sunday was perfect, too!

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Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Donna, you and handsome rock. Love the bikes! I had a wonderful week-end too.


Jane said...

What a great way to spend a Sunday....I'm heading to Orlando today for a weeklong business meeting....I'm hoping to get out of the hotel meeting room long enough to enjoy some FL sunshine!!

The French Bear said...

You rock girl!!! Love the bikes, I haven't been brave enough to take my license yet! I do love riding though, the Dutchman has a road star.
Margaret B

Sharon said...

Every time I read your posts you amaze me. Wow you on a bike. Wow! We sold ours years ago and I kind of miss it. Our first date was on his bike for a ride in the country. Ah the memories.Sharon

Michelle (Shell) May said...

David had a 2006 Softtail Deuce. We had a blast riding it. However, he traded it in for his first love... a 1969 Camaro. He spends more time with that car than me. That's ok though as I spend more time with the bunnies!

Sounds like a great day you and handsome had.
bunny hugs,


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