September 6, 2009

Evening At The Ball Park...

Handsome and I got to the park a half hour before game time. The weather had been threatening, and just as we got to the turn for the parking lot, it started to sprinkle. We were sure we were going to get soaked. We were wrong.

The game started on time, and although the skies continued to look threatening, the weather skirted the stadium and we stayed dry. I took these photos - to show you the sky - shortly after we arrived, but even so, the stadium didn't fill up tonight. My guess is because of the surrounding weather.

By the time we were into the third inning, the skies had cleared. The Port Charlotte Stone Crabs played their final game against Sarasota...and lost. It's ok. We had fun anyway, and we'll be looking into seasons tickets for next year.
Quilting Update: Got all the four-patches frogged by 3 pm Sunday, and then started arranging the squares into nine-patches. My plan is to at least begin sewing the nine-patches together today. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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Snap said...

It's so nice to know we aren't the only baseball fanatics ... or ... fans in the world! We have tickets to Astros games and when their season is over, Fall Ball will start -- practice for the college baseball season. YeeeeHaaaw. Can't get along without the sound of the bat meeting the ball!

The French Bear said...

What fun, nothing like a night at the ball park!!!
Good clean fun!
Margaret B

Sharon said...

So glad you had good weather. Just down the road from us there was a tornado and 110 mile an hour wind. This is WA, whats up with that I kept thinking. Having lived in MN for so many years I was shocked at this in WA. We just had lots of wind and heavy rain. Hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Sharon

Christine Edwards said...

Sounds like a fun time at the ball park...too bad the Port Charlotte Stone Crabs lost. I guess there's always next year.


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