September 15, 2009

In Search Of The Leicester Longwools...

I told you I'd be on a mission while in find the Leicester Longwool flock in Colonial Williamsburg (it's pronounces "Lester"). So Tuesday morning, I traveled down Richmond Road and into another century.

I started on Duke of Gloucester Street.
This is a view of the Palace Green with the Governor's Palace at the north end.
No Longwools here...
Then I was told at Prentis that the Longwools
were grazing behind Wetherburn's Tavern.
No Longwools there, either...
So, I tried to be creative and search the backstreets of Colonial Williamsburg.
I looked in paddocks and pastures and even lovely manicured lawns.
Still no Longwools...
Not in gardens...
Not down quiet and picturesque lanes...
No Leicester Longwools to be found.
What I did find was their beautiful and soft yarn. I was thrilled to find it. Half my mission for this trip complete. The woman behind the counter had told me where the Longwools should be grazing, but alas I didn't find them yesterday.

My Wednesday goal will be to find the flock. I'm going to "time travel" again in search of the elusive sheep. I'm not going back to the hotel until I find them.

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The French Bear said...

Yes, please find them and bring one home for me and ewe....... hehe, I am just tired, sorry! I can't sleep... The wool is simply gorgeous!!!!!
I haven't heard of it before!
Margaret B

Claudia said...

The wool is lovely! I so love seeing the photos of Williamsburg!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Lovely pictures! I am history buff so I would enjoy going here. Love the yarn you found. Good luck finding the sheep! Twyla

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh Donna I hope you find them! I would love to see pictures. I've only ever seen the really big long horn bulls when I've been up there.
That yarn is soooooooo gorgeous!
bunny hugs,

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

wow, what are you going to make? Something for me -- oh thank you.



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