September 29, 2009

My Sugar And Spice Project...

Today, I'd like to give you a couple of hints about my next project. I'm working on my own pattern - my own design - and the completed items will be for sale on my website. I'm really having fun putting this together, and these are just the first steps.

A little bit vintage, a little bit "granny", a little bit sugar and spice, and a whole, big helping of girly! Are you getting the picture? Are you even a bit curious? Do you think you have an idea what I'm working on?

I'll be showing more components in the upcoming days. All will be revealed before you know it! Now if you're local and you've heard any scuttlebutt about this...pu-leezzzz don't spill the beans yet.

I'll be in the studio working on my creations and I'll be back soon with more hints...

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