September 16, 2009

Soft Noses and Wooly Butts...

I woke up yesterday morning deciding that nothing else mattered except listening to Handsome rehearse...and finding the Leicester Longwools.

Well, I had been told the day before that they were in a pasture behind Wetherburns Tavern. "See the red building?", I was asked. "Yes", came my reply, as I apparently gazed upon the wrong red building. I then proceeded down Duke of Gloucester Street and turned in the opposite direction. How do I know this?

I later returned to our hotel room, bummed that I hadn't found the sheep. I sat down with a bottle of water and decided to look through some new postcards I had and, what do you know? There's an image of Wetherburns Tavern. "Hey! That's not the red building I was looking at!".

So after eating breakfast with Handsome and listening to an hour of rehearsal, I exited the hotel to make my way to Colonial Williamsburg and those elusive sheep. This time I knew which red building I was looking for and if the sheep were still there, I'd find them.

I walked straight to Wetherburns Tavern, and this time I turned south. Guess what I saw? You've got it...
OK, look closer...
Can you see what I see? Could it be?
Hurray!!! It's the Leicester Longwools!
Singing my own refrain of "Heaven...I'm In Heaven"
Sheep Heaven, that is.
I spent the next hour alone with these lovely animals.
Of course, I wouldn't forget to take my camera so that
I could share them with all of you!
You can click on the mosaic and it will take you to my Flickr album of my favorite shots of the Colonial Williamsburg flock of the Leicester Longwool sheep. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
You can learn more about the Leicester Longwool breed by clicking here. You can learn more about the Williamsburg flock by clicking here. Alas, I knew there would be no lambs to photograph, as they are only born in the spring of the year.

Oh, one more thing...You may have noticed my new header. When walking through Williamsburg this week, I saw a garden with TWO pomegranate trees heavily laden with ripening fruit. I always think of my mum when I see a pomegranate. We've both loved eating them since I was a kidlet. Just peel and eat. I can't imagine a better image to welcome Autumn.

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Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Oh, you found them. They are so darling. I hope you can get close to them.


The French Bear said...

Donna, you found them!!!! Aren't they beautiful? I just love their long shaggy wool and their serious faces!!!! Yeah, I am so glad you finally got to see them.
Margaret B

Katie - My Paisley Apron said...

I'm so glad you found them! What a lot of looking!!

Christine Edwards said...

How adorable they are, love the curls. :-)

Linda K. said...

They are beautiful and their wool is gorgeous, they look so prim! I love sheep and love pomegranate. I bet that was exciting seeing those sheep. I know what you'll be counting and dreaming tonight!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Yippeeee!!! You found them!! They are so precious! What a great way to spend the morning. I would have loved that!
bunny hugs,


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