September 3, 2009

Feels So Good...

After I did a little house cleaning yesterday morning, I decided to tackle one of my unfinished projects. I've been waltzing around this quilt in the studio for far too long, so it was time to apply myself and finally complete it.

This pattern is called Whispering Windmills from the book called "Lickety-Split Quilts". I really loved the pattern and was so proud that I matched up all the points. I really enjoy quilting, because like cross stitch, its pretty exacting work. Both venues require practice and application to become proficient.

I have a hard time with freeform designs because my mind requires more structure than that. I've managed to redirect my Type A personality (in some respects) but quilting, needlepoint (now that cross stitch and my eyes don't get along anymore), and knitting are really comfortable for me because of my basic desire for structure. But I digress...

I pulled out the quilt and fabric I'd chosen months ago for the binding and set about completing it. The top and back had been quilted together with a long arm machine by talented Jane Schurr, so I didn't have to do that part.

I cut the 2 1/2" wide strips using my trusty Accuquilt Go© Cutter, and then joined and pressed them. The Go© makes short work of cutting multiple strips, and joining them took no time at all. I folded the binding in half lengthwise, ironed it and I was ready to sew. I really like this part because I know that it's nearly finished. The handsewing was simple and straightforward so by the end of the evening, one unfinished project was complete.

Today, I'm going to finish a Boy Scout quilt for my nephew. I'm on a roll now. Finished projects feel so good!

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Anonymous said...

oh that's a great quilt, so fun to see, thanks for the view! Happy Labor Day weekend! Love to all at your house! xo Jessica

Christine Edwards said...

The quilt looks amazing...fantastic job. And yes, finished projects do feel good.


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