September 20, 2009

Acorn State Of Mind...

Without realizing it, I have started yet another collection. I even surprised myself on this one!

While I was in a rest stop in Southern Wisconsin, I absentmindedly picked up a handful of acorns. I had been walking Kes and stretching my legs. I looked down and there they were just waiting to be picked up! Acorns.

Then, I came home and took a few new photos for blog headers that I'll be using seasonally. Like the one with the rose-covered white heart in my previous header, I photographed special items hanging in one of our oak trees that is currently laden with acorns.

I know a few branches are going to be taken down as they're hanging in Handsome's way when he mows the lawn, so I picked those acorns off the tree before they disappear. More acorns.

Last week, while searching for the flock of sheep in Colonial Williamsburg, I tended to look more toward the pavement than I usually do. Cobblestones. Possible turned ankle. You get the picture.

Again, I notice acorns - this time under the oaks that line Duke of Gloucester Street. Without looking like a "nut job" (pun intended), I started picking up acorns. Most of the acorns I picked up in Williamsburg were green, so I won't have any trouble distinguishing them from the others. Green acorns.

I'm going to purchase a new display frame or some cool jars so that I can separate the acorns by state. If I find jars, they won't need to be large, but I'll look for something interesting, with clear glass, so I can see the contents. Let me know if you have an idea for display. I'd love to know what you think might be a good way to show them off.

So, now I'd like to put out a call to my readers...Do you have an oak tree in your yard (or near by) that has acorns this season? Would you like to send a little ziplock bag of them to me? If so, please send me an email and I'll share my address with you. (Just click on the "Click Here to Email Me" link over in my left sidebar. See it? It looks like a little postcard. It's right under my little "Welcome" bird.) I'll also send you a little gift for your trouble!

I think this could be fun. If you agree, I'll look forward to hearing from you. I'd love to see how many states I could add to my collection, courtesy of my wonderful readers. I'll keep you posted as I receive acorns - where they come from and who sent them to me in a new Flickr album in my sidebar (Acorns By State). Even if you live in a state for which I already have acorns, don't worry. I'll add them to what I already have, and you'll get a thank you gift!
A quick reminder that I posted up a music player in yesterday's post so that you can listen to one of Handsome's Dixieland performances with Maggie Worsdale. I'll add more audio clips as we receive them, and have posted another player at the bottom of my blog (in the center) so you can check back in the future to listen to those new clips. Thanks!

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Cathy said...

How funny! The other day as I was perusing the fall florals in my local craft store I realized that I had no acorns--and neither did they and I wanted some for fall decorating and we don't seem to have acorns here in Idaho, so would you believe I found some real live acorns on Etsy, so I bought some! Yes, someone really did go and pick the acorns out of her yard to sell--thank goodness! I like your idea better though! Hope you get a nice big collection.

Cathy ♥

Beth Gales said...

Check out TJMaxx. I just bought some great glass display pieces there and they were so reasonable!

Brenda said...

I have acorns for you! I believe I photographed some for last weeks Outdoor Wednesday post if you want to see them. I'll send you some. I love acorns. Such perfect little shapes made by nature itself. They'd look pretty in various sized apothecary jars, I'm thinking as I eye all those acorns out in my yard!

Claudia said...

I miss acorns - I'm sure there are oaks around here but not that I can see. I grew up in the Midwest with oak trees all around and acorns everywhere. I miss them!

icandy... said...

Do you have any acorns from Kansas yet? Atchison, to be exact? We're having a ball with the huge oak trees in our front yard and I've been collecting them, too! I'd be more than happy to send a handful your way.... just let me know if you'd be interested!
Happy day!

Jane said...

Hi Donna...I would love to send you some acorns from Missouri (Kansas City). My husband said we have some under one of our trees in the backyard...they are just starting to fall so I'll gather what I can.
Very ironic that the comment right before mine is from Atchison,'s where I grew up and where my parents still live!! Think I'll give Christina a visit!

DeeDee said...

amazing how different they look to me....what a fun thing to collect...I can send ya some Texas ones....


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