September 13, 2009

Nine Hundred Miles And Fourteen Hours Later...

Sunrise over Virginia
Handsome took the off-ramp so that I could get out of the truck to snap
this photo of this morning's sunrise as contrails from various flights crossed the sky at sunrise.
The crisp morning air smelled of Autumn and the sunrise was breathtaking.

We've arrived in Williamsburg, VA. It was what we like to refer to as an "arduous" drive. We drove in rain for the first four hours or so. At times it was raining so hard that we slowed to 45 miles an hour on the Interstate and drove with our flashers on. Then, we proceeded under cloudy skies for most of the remainder of our Saturday drive.

Although there was road construction along the way - and some mighty "skinny" roadways in some spots - we thought we were free and clear of the rain. About an hour from the end of the first day of our trip, another "gully-washer" punctuated our arrival into Battleboro, North Carolina, where we finally dropped the hook for the night.

Kes is in Florida at her favorite kennel. All the gals love her there and she's tickled to be around all the other dogs. When I dropped her off, they told me that she practically pranced down the row of accommodations announcing her arrival. I tell you this so you don't think we tortured her with a fourteen hours on the road. We were the only tired souls at the end of the day.

A walk next door to the restaurant, where we talked little, ate a bit and then back to the motel. Handsome placed a call to request a 5 am wakeup call and we were in bed by 8:30. Two tired bears that were asleep within ten minutes.

The wakeup call came way too early this morning, but like the troopers we are, we got up and were on the road again by 6. So, here we are. I'm in our hotel room writing to you, and Handsome is downstairs unloading his drum kit and assorted accessories. I'm sure that about now he wishes he'd taken up playing the flute or some other tiny instrument!

He'll be starting rehearsals today, so he's immediately jumping in with both feet. I, on the other hand, will probably start with a little nap and then knit or crochet a bit. Ah, yes. Traveling with my talented husband has its rewards.

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Snap said...

I do not like driving in the rain ... especially a gully washer. ARGGGHHH. I can imagine how tired you both were. Now, that the drive is over -- enjoy!

blushing rose said...

You are going thru some lovely country ... Williamsburg is chalk full of wonderful history to enjoy. Be safe, have fun.

Have a great week ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Beth Gales said...

Williamsburg is a beautiful place! Enjoy!

Christine Edwards said...

Why is it that driving is so tiring? I have a flute lying around if your husband wants to switch instruments. :-) Enjoy your week.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Hello my sweet Donna. It sounds like you are headed in a good direction. Williamsburg what a dream place. Nice that you can tag along with hadsome. I'm tagging with my John this week. We have been in Montreal. What a place. Soooo expensive. I have botton some antique buttons.



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