March 31, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - I Wanna Ride...

Hi, Everybody!
I bet you're wonderin' why I'm wearin' my Harley hat today, aren't you?
This is a very special week, 'cuz I'm havin' a BIRTHDAY.
Mom told me that I can write more than one blog post to celebrate, too.

So, today, I wanna tell you about Mom's bike - that I really wanna ride - and
then I'm gonna come back on Thursday so we can celebrate me turnin' three
years old. I'm pretty excited about it, so it's gonna be a little hard to concentrate.
H-D 100th Anniversary '03 Deuce for sale on Ebay
  You probably saw Mom's bike before, but if you haven't, this is what she rides 
when she and Dad roll out for a little sightseein' in Florida. She hasn't been able 
to ride it for about a year ('cuz the doctors told her she couldn't ), so it's just been 
sittin' in the garage where she starts it up or polishes it to keep it nice and pretty.
Well, I can't tell you how much I like the sound of Mom and Dad's bikes. I run 
around like a maniac when they start 'em up! I really wish that Mom had a 
special back seat or carrier for me so I could ride along with her every stinkin' 
time she rides, but I always have to stay home. It's borrrinngg and highly unfair!
Then, she tells me that she's sellin' her beautiful Deuce. Wha? Are ya kiddin'
me? Ya mean I'm never gonna get to ride on her Harley? BARK BARK BARK!
(This is no April Fool's prank either. This is for real.)
That's how serious I am about his! I was hopin' for a sidecar for my Birthday
this year...and my own helmet and doggles...and maybe chaps... Instead, she's
 probably gonna get one of those stoopid carts to pull behind her bicycle when
she exercises around our block. (I bet she'll even repeat "potato, potato, potato" 
like the noise Harleys make, but it just won't be the same.) Oh, well. What's a
guy to do? I know! I'm just gonna look on the bright side. More car rides for me!
So, I'm lookin' forward to Thursday when we'll actually have a celebration.
I'm thinkin' cake and vanilla ice cream, more sweet potato rawhides and a toy
or three... Maybe I'll have a real Birthday hat instead of my Harley one?
Mom said we're gonna have another giveaway, too! Wonder what that's gonna
be? She won't tell me 'cuz she says I talk more than Duke from Bush's Beans.
Who? me? "Roll that be-u-tiful bean footage." Muahahahaha!
I'll be back Thursday. 'til then...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It." 
(I sure will!) 


  1. Oh Tag, you never know they may still surprise you yet with a sidecar!!
    Thursday is not too far away now... birthday boy! ;o)
    Hugs xx

  2. You are one handsome Harley Hot Dog Tag. Maybe HD will hire you to do some modeling. I know you want the best health for Mom and understand she will miss her Cool Ride. get bugs in your teeth when you ride on a motorcycle...not fun! Looking forward to your birthday celebrations my little cutie Corgi. Smooches...

  3. Happy Birthday, Tag--From us: Eleanor and, of course, Louisa too!!! I love your hat.

  4. You are looking exceedingly handsome in leather, Master Tag. (Quinn said, "A hottie", but I said she's not old enough for that yet!) So sorry your mom has to give up her awesome wheels. But at least she'll have no excuse not to take you along!

  5. What sweet boy? Your Mum is selling her bike? Get out! Oh well, at least you can wear that cool hat and your Mum can keep her awesome boots! :) Honestly, I can't believe you're going to be 3. The years are flying by so darn fast!


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