March 13, 2014

Back To Basics Class Today...

I'll be teaching another class today. This class is called "Back to Basics".
 Students learn the basic techniques used in quilting, while completing
a small quilt - a mug mat. We'll meet from 10 am until 3 pm, and many
students will leave with a completed mat. Most will only need to hand
sew the back side of their bindings when they finish today's class.
 First efforts are always a little challenging, but they'll be well on their
way to tackling larger quilt projects - and making more mats - that will
be fun, quick and pretty gifts for friends and family members.

My friend, "minimiss" (real name withheld for privacy), commented 
from Australia New Zealand (sorry, MA) yesterday that this month is my
Fifth Blog Anniversary.
The date of my very first post was March 15th, 2009. I realized this prior 
to her comment, and had already begun writing about it for Saturday's 
visit. I just wanted to commend my friend on her keen observation.
 By now, you may have guessed...I'm going to have a giveaway to celebrate!
 You'll have to come back tomorrow to learn more. I'll give you all the details 
then. Today, I shall lose myself in the joy of sharing some of the things I know 
about quilting with novices to the art. I'm really looking forward to it.

4 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Minimiss said...

Have loved every word of the past 5 years.

Gloria M said...

Donna have not been around for five years but I have had a wonderful year or two and so very educating. Thanks, I think you make me a better person. Gloria

Createology said...

Congratulations Dear. Five years of daily inspiration from you is bliss! Lucky class students to learn how to quilt from you. Love your mug mats! Everything you do is with GRACE!!!

DeeDee said...

these were the first quilted things I learn and yes from you!... Congrats on your 5 years ... hugs


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