March 24, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Gimme Somethin' Good...

 Hi, Everybody!
Is it Tuesday again already? Whew. Time sure flies.

I wanna tell you about my newest, favorite treat...and before you ask...
No. I'm not gettin' compensation from some big, fat corporate sponsor. 
I'm not even gettin' any free stuff for doing this! I just think I oughta share
when I find somethin' worth tellin' you about. I'm just a nice guy that way.
 Mom got these from Dr. Stephanie the last time we were in the vet's
office (remember I had to go get my teeth cleaned?). Mom always
 checks the "treat shelf" in the front lobby to see if there's somethin'
special she can bring home for her favorite Corgi. That's me!!!
 What she brought home for me was a bag of these little beauties.
They're real sweet potato, transmogrified into veggie rawhides.
 See? 100% Sweet Potato.

Mom and I laughed at the comment the founder (Chef David) put on
the back of his bags. "Enjoy and say ARF ARF to your Dog for me."
He obviously has never met a Corgi. We are way more sophisticated
than to utter a simple "ARF ARF". Hasn't this guy ever heard of me???

Either way, I'm here to tell ya that these babies are delish! Mom usually cuts
 the big ones in half so I don't blow up like some big, overfed, over-treated dog
(but that's a rant for another time). Most of the time they're just the right size.
 The other cool thing is that they're made in the
good ol' U.S. of WISCONSIN even!
(about a 1/2 hour from where Mom and Dad used to live!)

WARNING: NEVER eat dog food or treats from China!
They put stuff in their food that kills dogs. If you have
food or treats from China, better get rid of it right away.
Your future health - or your life, even - depends on it!
 To say it's my most favorite treat of all would be a serious
understatement. I'd eat 'em for dessert if Mom would let me.
 OK. It's time for me to quit talkin' and get chewin'.
It's gonna be a great week. Mom is over at the Morgan Center
helpin' people vote today. If anyone needs me, I'll be here keepin'
busy with my little piece of sweet potato heaven. mmm, mmm good!
I'll see ya next week. 'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"


  1. Hi Ya Tag. Tuesdays do seem to come quickly but that means I get to see you and listen/read your stories. Sweet Potato Bliss I say with your new treats. I might even need to try one of those...especially if there are no calories. Thanks for sharing. Sweet Potato Heaven Smooches...

  2. Oh, those look good enough to eat! Er, for humans to eat! Ha! I'll have to see If I can find them for my doggies! Twyla

  3. Donna, these sound great. I don't give Quinn any kind of rawhide and she just loves to chew. Keep her busy at the office, too, when clients are in. Not everyone prefers their coat covered in corgi fur!


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