March 28, 2014

A Wisconsin Wedding Today...

Today is the day my niece, Stephanie and her son, Ethan add a new family member.
Stephanie is marrying her sweetheart, Jeremiah at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
I'm so happy that they will become an official family and, although I won't be in
attendance, Stephanie and Jeremiah know that I'm with them in thought and spirit.
I've heard the excitement in Stephanie's voice during our conversations and I
can imagine the hustle and bustle that envelopes the bride, groom and all their
loved ones as they prepare for that joyful, nervous, brief walk down the aisle.

I've counseled Stephi to savor each and every moment so that she can tell future
children and grandchildren every minute detail of their ceremony and celebration.
I truly regret that I'm unable to attend, but those circumstances can be part of
their story, too. There will be a video to help tell their tale, along with myriad
photographs. Some will be sent to us after all the excitement has died down, 
and I'm looking forward to seeing how wonderful their day turns out to be.
I'll stop to say a wedding prayer for them this afternoon. 
I'll ask that they have a long, loving and joyful life together,
and pray that God guides them to always find delight in each other.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Buchanan
(and Ethan, too) as they all begin their new life together.

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Createology said...

Told with pure Grace my friend. You are such a loving and caring Aunt. Blessings for the newly wedded family.


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