March 18, 2014

May Your Cup Runneth Over With Joy...

Art by Jennifer Lambein - studiopetite on Etsy
I LOVE this image! Isn't it vibrant and fun?

Did I tell you yet that I'm planning a complete remodel in the studio?
Yup. I'm going to need LOTS of coffee to get through this!

It's going to be a lot of work. First, the room has to be completely emptied.
That, in itself, is going to be a monumental task. No getting around it,
though. I need to get everything out of there so I can start from the
ground flooring, a new paint job and all new (to me) shelving.

This remodel will take place in April, so I have a lot to do between now
and "Re" Day. I'm going to be sorting, purging and selling those things
that will not be going back into the studio when it's all REmodeled.

Today, I'm finishing up our year-end bookwork, but I'll be back in the
studio tomorrow. I have two Headstart quilts to make, as well as three
special orders...two iPad cases and an organizer. I can't wait to get at them.
I think I'll have that cup of coffee now.
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Good Luck, everybody!

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Jacque. said...

oh, a fun...and what a lot of work. Looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing.

Gloria M said...

Wow a re-do what a wonderful thing to start spring off right. Enjoy it is a lot of work, but the payoff is always worth it. Gloria

Kris said...

That is a super fun picture and good luck on your remodel - that sounds like super fun too!!

Createology said...

With your newest in depth knowledge of quilting I can see how you would RE your studio. This will be very exciting and a lot of work and so very worth it in the end. Your cheerful cup art really fits this
Wonderful Wednesday Hump Day Dear...
Julie Julie Julie...

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

A re-do is a lot of work but oh, so great when done!


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