March 5, 2014

I Was Ashamed...

 You know how you just get used to seeing something? You become
accustomed to things by degree and before you know it, you're faced
with something that's so disgusting you wonder how you ever tolerated
it. It became normal, rather than being tossed away as it should be.
 Well, that's what happened to this pair of potholders in our kitchen.
They were abused used nearly every day, and washed when necessary. They
 just gave out. Torn, burned and thin. Pure and simple, they were falling apart.
 So, Monday, while Tag was sharing another tall tale, I spent a few hours in
the studio choosing which fabrics I'd use and assembling new potholders.

I made them larger than the old ones and decided not to round the
corners off. After quilting in a cross-hatch pattern and sewing the
binding to the front, I folded the binding around to the back and then
stitched "in the ditch" from the front to sew it down. No hand sewing.
I finally got rid of those ugly, old potholders and brought a new
attitude into our kitchen. Pretty, safe and comfortable to use, they'll
be adding a nice pop of color, too! I might have to use the rest of this
fabric for napkins! Out with the old and in with the new! Yay, me!

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Createology said...

Bright Cheery and Beautiful new pot holders. Cooking with attitude is a very good thing dear...

Danice said...

What gorgeous fabric for the new pot holders. So bright and cheerful. We also have some old pot holders that need to be retired, lol :)

Mandy said...

What a good idea. I don't have any pot holders in my kitchen, using oven gloves instead. However they are rather clumsy to use so I think I know what my next project should be - a pair of these. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Jane said...

Very cheery and pretty!

Mary Ann said...

Surely you must have peeked in my kitchen drawer and seen the state of my pot holders! Thank you for this post...I am going to follow suit and create some new pot holders too!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yay you indeed! What is it with us and pot holders? Mine aren't fit for the missionary barrel yet they're still in use.
I think you've shamed me into throwing them away and getting some new ones.

Jacque. said...

This post cracked me up. I looked at the potholders hanging in my kitchen and hung my head in shame. I guess new potholders should be on my schedule now. ~grin~ Bright cheery potholders in your kitchen now...woohoo!!!


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