March 10, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Life Lesson #1...

 Hi, everybody!

I spent a lotta time stressin' over what to write about today, and
ya know what? I finally stopped worryin' and decided to share one
of the important life lessons that all us dogs learn at an early age.
(Heck! It might even be one of those genetic things we just know!)
web image
Yup. This is it! I call it a "life lesson". Ya gotta learn to just chill.
Corgis and other critters have this down to a fine art.
 In fact, I'm even teachin' Mom to just sit down and put up
 her feet sometimes. I think she's finally gettin' the hang of it!
Way to go, Mom!

This is just the first in a long list of Life Lessons I could share.
Don't worry, though. This won't be a regular, weekly post. I'll
just share them once in a while to keep ya curious. I'm gonna
come up with somethin' completely different for next week!

I've gotta get back to chillin' for now, so I hope you'll remember
to put your feet up, too (it doesn't matter if ya have two or four of
'em!). I'm gonna enjoy this before Mom gets antsy and heads back
to the studio again! I'll see ya soon. 'til then...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Createology said...

Excellent Life Lesson Tag Dear. If we don't take time to chill and enjoy then we don't appreciate all we have and do in our journey of life. I'm going to go put my feet up now...Smooches

Kris said...

You are the cutest!! And great lesson - one I am trying to learn without that little guilt thing nagging at me!! My Pollie dog has that lesson down pat as well!! :-))

Minimiss said...

Very good advice too Tag. Thanks for the reminder.

Jacque. said...

Thank you for sharing, Tag! It's an important lesson, for sure.

Gloria M said...

Thanks Tag for the today's lesson. It has truly been hard for me to learn this very valuable lesson. I have a tiny little poodle that has taught me relaxation is important He will not move when he arises without his complete stretch routine. I have to stand and wait on him, only if I had paid attention earlier to his plan, I would be much healthier. Thanks Tag, Gloria

Sherri said...

Thanks Tag for this important reminder! I'm glad your Mom is learning to do this. I need to do this more often too! Have a great week! HUGS

Buttons said...

Wise words! The little things really are the big things...enjoy. :)


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