March 6, 2014

Learning A New Technique...

I spent the day in N. Ft. Myers yesterday, taking a class. I was at
Quilt Lover's Hangout and our teacher was Mary Zesiger (who
judged our quilts for our most recent quilt show). I learned a lot.
Mary taught us how to do reverse applique'. 

It's impossible to tell in these photographs, so I've used arrows to point 
to the areas that are the recessed areas of the design created by the 
technique. It's a little challenging to get accustomed to, but it was easier 
to learn, thanks to what I already do with traditional applique' 
(Remember my first foray into applique' with Flo?) 

This time I won't give up so quickly! The mouth is supposed to be
wonky in case you're thinking that I must have done a yukky job.
I kept working on it even after I returned home, and by the time it was 
 dark, I'd finished the class project. I can see where this will be a
 useful technique to master, so I know I'll work on something new in the
 future. I'll finish this out as a small mat, set it aside and put it on my
 "mail north" pile. I'll show it to you after it's assembled, quilted and bound.

One of the gals in the class said that working on this project made her think of 
candy corn. I think that she was on to something. Candy. aarrrggggggghhhhh.

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Createology said...

I adore the fabric you are using in this adorable pumpkin. Reverse applique is another technique I have never learned or done before. Oh not candy?!! I am eating way too many cookies and chocolate chips that are not together. My Bad and the scale tattles on me too! Fabulous Friday Dear...


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