March 4, 2014

Helping A Friend...

 We have a great group of ladies who gather at Paneras each week.
One of them is Margaret D., who lives in Canada, but winters in
Port Charlotte. She does incredible hand quilting for her friends 
and clients, but remarkably has never assembled a quilt herself!

Prior to leaving Canada last year, she purchased a number of kits for
this single block. "Block Six" was the surplus from a Block of the Month
 project the shop had sold, so the shopkeeper offered them to Margaret for
 $2 per kit. They even included the fabric at that price. She bought twelve!
 Margaret said she was having trouble understanding the instructions
and asked if I'd help. I said, "Sure!" and brought a kit home to assemble.

I took the finished block to her yesterday evening. I showed her how I
colored the pattern image to match the fabrics included in her kit, and 
then explained how she just had to cut each color per the instructions.
 Then I handed her one finished block to help guide her through the 
instructions. She was tickled. She'll be going back to Canada soon,
and I know she'll spend part of her summer working on this quilt.

I'll just bet she'll bring it back, hand quilted and beautiful next
year, and I can hardly wait to see how wonderful it will be!

Thanks for asking for my help, Margaret. I especially love that 
the center of this design a is a traditional "Friendship" block.
It only seems appropriate to me.

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Createology said...

How very nice of you to help. I like how you have color coded the instructions and made up one block for a visual sample. I do see the Friendship block in the center. Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

Minimiss said...

That's a very nice block and will make up into quite an interesting looking quilt.


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