December 12, 2009

The Perfect Gift This Season...

I spent part of Saturday choosing fabric, cutting out pattern pieces, and assembling the needed notions to start making my annual Christmas Eve Grammies Jammies for our three grandchildren.

In the afternoon, I managed to finish about one quarter of my fourth beaded scarf. I'm think I'm moving at a comfortable pace on that, too.

The reason I mention my project progress is because last night - following a day week of domesticity - I got all dressed up, put on my fancy, sparkling earrings, and then Handsome and I joined three other couples for a holiday get-together. Truth is, I was looking forward to taking a little break from my self-imposed deadlines.

Our friends invited us to dinner at their home in Punta Gorda (Remember Hurricane Charlie in 2004? P.G. is where it made landfall.) As a gift for Joanie, our hostess, I chose a Christmas cactus so heavily laden with blossoms that I was expecting them to burst open at any instant. They sure will offer an impressive display just in time for Christmas. I always prefer to give either an easy care potted plant, or something already arranged, for the recipient's convenience. While cut flowers are always lovely, this way the hostess doesn't have to stop everything to get them into water.

We had a wonderful dinner, easy conversation with interesting folks, and a thoroughly relaxing evening. I savored every minute of our first holiday gathering of the season.

I hope you're planning to set aside some time amidst the holiday hustle and bustle to count your blessings and be with family and friends. Remember, it's not about how much money you spend or the who gets or gives the biggest gift. I think it's about it, taking it, sharing it, spending it, making it, savoring it. It's really the thing I love most about this time of year - and it really is the best gift of all.
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Anne~fiona and twig said...

Perfect reminder, thank you!
It's all just "stuff", the best gift we can give is the gift of time.
Have a blessed Sunday,

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Time with friends, loved one's, critters and blogland, are my most favorite gifts. I treasure them.
Sure wish we lived closer so we could share some fun time together.
bunny hugs,

Anonymous said...

I have made pj's for my four daughters every year for Christmas, have now added one son in law and a grandbaby. I do this because my grandmother always did it for me, a wonderful tradition! Glad you got a wonderful night out with friends! Merry Christmas.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a wonderful post and tradition! Wish I were as talented as you! I tried the pj thing one time and you should see how they turned out. My sons still laugh at their gift.
You are so right Christmas should be about all of us spending time with our loved ones. I need to copy this and send it to my DL. Think she would get the hint.
Love visiting you as always and Merry Christmas Donna

sweetjeanette said...

Thank you for the reminder! (and gorgous earrings by the way!) In an effort to "enjoy the season" we decided only hosting one party this year (my ornament exchange). But thinking about it, perhaps the hosting part could be transferred to a nice sit-down restraunt with friends. Less stress on my house and more focus on friends and fellowship! Good advice Donna.

Want to remind you, if so inclined, my Christmas Goodies Recipe Exchange is the 15th. Here's what it's all about:
Christmas Goodies Recipe Exchange

Hope you can come!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I bet you looked pretty in your sparkly earrings!I couldn't agree more. I am keeping very mindful this year to relax and enjoy the season and time with loved ones is the greatest gift of all! Have a wonderful day! Twyla

Dixie said...

Donna.. love your blog and can't wait to visit your etsy shoppe!

Thanks for visiting, commenting, following and/or blogging about my 300th post giveaway! Good Luck!

Blessing. Dixie

DeeDee said...

So glad to hear your not all work and no play...always nice to enjoy a evening away having fun with freinds...Happy Holidays,.


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