December 7, 2009

We Have A Winner...

Ten Things About Me...
The Reality Of It All

I really laughed all day yesterday when I read which declarations you thought were true or false. Of course, by choosing the one you think is false you were selecting what you thought I'd never have done. You made my day, really. Of course, in retrospect, I even surprised myself that I revealed this much about me to my friends here in Blogland! What was I thinking?

Well, it's too late now, so please let me explain:

1. I've been asked on a date by a Secret Service agent.
: When President Bush (41) came to my hometown during his tenure, I owned my needlework shop on Main Street. You know the Secret Service always travels with the President for his protection. When the President was giving his speech, I walked over to listen from across the street and was greeted by an agent. Thankfully, I wasn't frisked or detained! Afterward, I went back to my shop. About two hours later, the agent walked into my shop - wearing his "Men In Black" trench coat - with a mitt full of fresh flowers, and asked me for a date. I thanked him and promptly declined, explaining that I was happily married.

2. I have jumped off a 20'+ cliff.
: I'm even afraid of heights, but "all my friends" were doing it! (I can hear Mum saying, "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" giggle) I was 19, and a group of us drove to a popular quarry where we camped for the weekend. Some were jumping off the cliff into the water. They dared me to jump. What can I say? I did it...once!

3. I was forced to take off all my clothes in a field.
: Handsome and I owned eight acres with our first home. We also had one yellow lab at the time - our first Morgan. We decided to take him out for a romp on the property and we were walking through chest-high tall grass. We stopped to talk a bit and when I started to walk again, I accidentally kicked up a skunk. (Who would do that on purpose, after all?) I was "skunked" straight up my front. The dog refused to stand downwind of me, and Handsome refused to let me back in the house until I stripped down to my birthday suit, leaving the offensive attire outside. Hours - and lots of tomato juice - later, I wasn't as smelly, but it still took quite a bit of effort - and a few more tomato juice baths - to rid myself of that experience.

4. I've been face to face with a live, 6' long barracuda.
: Handsome and I honeymooned in Grand Cayman, BWI in the Caribbean. We have been there at least five times, returning with the boys on two occasions. We snorkled the first trip, but later became certified scuba divers after taking a six week long class at home in Wisconsin. When we returned to the Caymans the following Christmas, we went diving with a tour boat group. They warned us that there was a huge grouper, and a large barracuda who liked to hang around under their boat. You guessed it. Long story short, I came face to face with the 'cuda, and had to do some panic management to enable me to slowly descend until he just went away. (When you're excited, you're lungs retain air which makes you more buoyant. I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing so that I could relax and descend.)
5. I have modeled for an international company.
: I met Handsome when we both worked for Mercury Marine - the outboard boat motor company. Their "worldwide headquarters" are located in my hometown - Fond du Lac, WI. Handsome had been on layoff and was called back to work on June 6, 1981. He was a staff photographer. I started working as secretary to the Patent Attorney the same day. My new boss took me to the Photography Department so I could meet some of my co-workers. Handsome and I met and it was love at first sight...but I digress. When it came time to photograph a new boat and motor, he walked down the hallway to my desk (sigh - just picturing that in my mind - sorry) and he asked if I'd like to model for them. The rest is history.

6. I once won First Place in a strip joint.
TRUE: I was out for an afternoon of fun with friends when I was about 19 or 20. (At that time, the age of majority was 18 in Wisconsin, making it legal for me to drink.) We were at a local establishment, and just for a lark we decided, en masse, to walk down the street to the local strip club. It was winter and I was wearing jeans and a turtleneck sweater. They were having a dance contest. One of my friends got me up on the bar with him and he and I sang Neil Sedaka's Calendar Girl. We had all the moves, too! I won a bottle of champagne without ever taking off a stitch of clothing.

7. I have swallowed a live goldfish.
: Are you kidding? A girl has to have boundaries!

8. I have only been married once.
: Handsome and I dated for three years and I married him three weeks after my thirtieth birthday. I had been engaged twice before, but gave the rings back because I just couldn't see myself with those gents for the rest of my life. I never had second thoughts about Handsome, and this month we'll celebrate our Twenty Fifth wedding anniversary.

9. I was a biker chick in the 70's.
: Handsome refers to those years as "My Colorful Past". I loved that biker like crazy, but not enough to want to spend my whole life with him. He was one of the rings I returned. (He still wears my diamond, but now as an earring.) lol

10. I have smoked cigars.
: But only when I was out with the guys...mostly during the years I was on the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. (You can read my profile for more on that.) Another habit best left in the past.

So, there you have it. I can't even believe that I shared all this with you. Do you still love me? Believe me, I've tamed down (a bit) since the "old days". Lots to tell our grandkids, but I think I'll wait until they get older.

Congratulations to Debra @ A Common Ground
I can't believe that the first comment, with the first guess, was spot on! Way to go, Debra! I'm sending a Brynwood Needle Keep your way! Thanks to all of you for playing along. It was really fun for me to try to come up with some outrageous events from my past to try to stump you. Ahhhh, those were the days.

Debra, your surprise is on its way! (Remember, I have your address from winning your generous giveaway this fall.)
These are actually Mercury Marine advertising photos in which I was a model.

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sweetjeanette said...

My, my, my! (LOL

DeeDee said...

Congrats Donna..

downsize said...

You wild thing you....and for the trench coat and flowers, it probably works 99.9% of the time. FYI, I once ate a nightcrawler on a bet so the goldfish really would have not surprized me. Up at Michigan Tech, when you first go smelt dipping, it's tradition to bite off the head of your first daughter did this when she was a student!

Claudia said...

I missed this whole thing - but I was fascinated to read your answers today! What interesting things you've done - even daring, I might say! Loved that you shared this with us, Donna!


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Wow, Donna! ; 0

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, I so enjoyed reading your explanations! I just Knew you'd never eat a live goldfish. I couldn't think of a Good reason to do that! Very fun post! Congratulations to Debra! Have a nice day! Twyla

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Wow! This is one of my favorite posts ever. You've done some amazing things!!

te_roti said...

Very entertaining Donna. I knew you wouldn't be able to eat a live goldfish - a bit tricky trying to get him to roll in the Old Bay before hand.


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Oh my goodness, you are hilarious...and colorful! What an interesting, exciting life you've led, girlfriend! I love all the stories, but I think I like the secret service agent one best!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

You are absolutely at total hoot!
How incredibly fun was it to read all of these! I loved it!
Love your funness girlfriend!

Christine Edwards said...

What a great post...loved reading about your exciting and daring adventures.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Donna, you wild thang, you!! This is absolutely hilarious! I'm glad to know that you posted the "real truth" behind all those crazy one-liners you left us with. I knew you'd have some legitimate answers. ha ha. I'm so excited, you are so so sweet. I'm glad you saved my address! I can't wait to blog about this one!
love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

WOW...and the Mum said..Oh My Goodness....thank heavens I knew NOTHING about many of these, YES she's a colourful girl of mine alright.....what is they say these days...TMI for an 'Old Mum' to digest...HAHAHAHAHA

Sharon said...

I had more fun reading your answers. What a wild child you were. Bet you still are in some respects. This was a fun post. Now I know your not just a quiet little stitcher! :-))! Sharon


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