December 16, 2009

The Wells Fargo Wagon...

Perhaps not via Wells Fargo Wagon as in The Music Man, but definitely a UPS truck. All the Grammies Jammies are finished, the handcrafted gifts to go to our sons and their families all done, a few wrapped packages included and the boxes are packed and on their way North. (These are just a few of the bags that shipped!) Only one day late from my original plan, but they didn't have to ship "overnight", so I'm happy about that.
Now I have a little breathing room. The last of the packages will ship Priority Mail, which is a three day proposition. Today, I'll be out of the Studio to go to Sarasota. Before I come home, I think I'll stop in the yarn shop and say "hi" to the girls. I've been neglecting them lately. Oh! I almost forgot...I have a question for you.
Have you ever tried one of these?
In case you can't tell, It's one of those EZ Beds, that store in a canvas bag, and this model actually stores with the legs and all. It opens and erects itself when you attach a pump. Handsome and I want to get one as an extra guest bed. We don't want to have a bed permanently set up in the second guest room as it's a multi-purpose room, but we do want something reliable and comfortable. Has anyone tried this specific model (This one is from Frontgate, and you can see more photos here.) I sure would appreciate any review you could offer.

Enjoy the day, where you live, my dear friends. I'll be back tomorrow
In case you're wondering about the dog in my photo of the packages...The Labrador retriever is a "wallie" that I purchased years ago. It applied to the cabinet just like wall paper. It really looked like our Morgan when he was but a lad, and I thought he'd be perfect in the garage on one of the lower cabinets. It freaked out the UPS man every time he dropped off a package because he always thought it was a real dog! Our driver came just infrequently enough in the early days that it got him every time. Of course, there were four friendly dogs living with us then, too. I don't think I have to tell you that Handsome and I always had a little giggle when the driver left!

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sweetjeanette said...

oh my goodness! The gift bags themselves are a wonderful gift!!! I love 'em!

Jane said...

Looks like you are keeping the UPS man busy! I'm sure all of the gifts will be loved by all of the family.
We have a couple of the air type mattresses at our house for extra guests and my son's friends but we don't have that specific model with the legs. I have never had to sleep on the air mattress but my son says it's pretty comfortable.
Have a fun day out and about!

Linda K. said...

Hubbie and I slept in one of these at his brother's near Nashville a couple years ago. To me, it didn't look comfortable. When we got into it at night, I kind of sunk in and slept like a baby. And I miss my bed when away from home, but this was very comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Packages coming North you say...? Can hardly wait! Thinking of you two! xo Jessica

Claudia said...

You have been so busy! Congratulations on getting everything done and off in the mail. I have an aero bed - which is okay - but I haven't any experience with the one you mentioned. We always toy with getting rid of the bed in our only other bedroom which is a office/studio/guestroom - it takes up so much space!


DeeDee said...

I knew you could do it and get them all done and on thier way...I have never tried the bed but will be following along for the reviews...Happy Holidays.

beedeebabee♥ said...

I'm so happy your done! I'm almost finished with my shopping, and feeling like I can actually relax a bit now. There's still all the wrapping and baking, but that's way more fun!...I've never used one of those beds, however it looks like a great idea! Love the little doggie! (giggle!) Hugs, =D

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Still loving those bags. Your gifts will make everyone so happy and they will know they are loved.
bunny hugs,

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Donna, I just loved this clip, especially when Opie says "somthin'speshul" with the spit! And the wallee dog is darling! Our son-in-law drives for UPS, he'd get a kick out of it. He has great dog stories (also stories about crack houses, prostitutes, and strange women with no teeth, yikes)!!
love ya,

downsize said...

Congrtas on completion of your goals, you really must be organised...some of my friends are getting IOU's this year. They will understand my "grandma" duties had to take top place. About the air bed, we always sleep on one when camping, not as nice as the one pictured, but it's quite comfortable in the pup tent.


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