December 6, 2009

"Ten Things About Me" Contest...

You know I'm a busy elf these days as I work on Christmas gifts for loved ones. I'll be posting photos soon, but til then, I thought I'd do another little contest...fa la la la la, la la la la!

One of the blogs on my favorites list is Kate's, Chronicles of A Country Girl. She's got a great place to visit and I freely admit this idea is from one of her recent posts. She offered up ten things about herself - one item being false - and asked her blog readers to figure out which one was not really about her. The first person to guess the ringer would win a little prize.

Well, this being the season of giving and all, I decided to try this contest over here at Brynwood. I'm going to share Ten Things About Me. Only one declaration is false. (Mum, don't be too shocked by my Ten Things, please.) The first follower to figure out which one is untrue will win a prize from me.

Now...if you're an immediate family member or a really good friend, you're welcome to participate, but you won't be able to win if you come up with the right answer. Thanks to Kate for the idea. Remember, now. You're picking the one that ISN'T true...

Ten Things About Me...
  1. I've been asked on a date by a Secret Service agent.
  2. I have jumped off a 20'+ cliff.
  3. I was forced to take off all my clothes in a field.
  4. I've been face to face with a live, 6' long barracuda.
  5. I have modeled for an international company.
  6. I once won First Place in a strip joint.
  7. I have swallowed a live goldfish.
  8. I have only been married once.
  9. I was a biker chick in the 70's.
  10. I have smoked cigars.
Leave your answer in my comments today. I'll be back tomorrow with the answers, a few explanations and will (hopefully) announce the winner and what they've won. Good luck! I can hardly wait to read your responses. Have fun (she says, stifling a slightly evil laugh)!
The above photo is me in 1990 with two puppies from Bryn's second litter - King Friday the 13th, who went to live out his life with our younger son; and DC's Starfire Kyra, who I kept until her untimely death from cancer at nine years old. Sadly, they never live long "enough", but they sure left us with precious and happy memories.


  1. Donna I can't even begin to guess which one isn't true, because Honey, you've lived a much more colorful life than I have and I LOVE it. My only guess would be the goldfish one. That would make me spew. yuk. I'm sure you have fabulous reasons for all the rest! And I love that photo of you, so cute, you and the pups!

  2. Donna...A wild guess...only been married once.


  3. I'm thinking the strip club one is false....but, hum, maybe... BTW, very cute photo, I love it.

  4. This is incredibly difficult! I guess I'll pick # 6 as the false answer, you didn't win firts place in a strip joint...not that you weren't beautiful enough, but I did have to pick one, right???

  5. I'm thinking the "forced to strip in a field"....I might add that there are several of these I don't wish to even think children never cease to AMAZE me.....I led such a quiet life in England, HAHAHAHAHA...Love you anyway.Mum. HAHAHAHA

  6. Donna, this is so much fun and Hard! I loved your mum's comment:) I guess I will have to choose the swallowing a live goldfish one. Have a great day! Twyla

  7. This is really difficult ~ I'm going to guess that the first statement is false about the Secret Service Agent. I thought that my chances of winning are better ~ if I guess something that hasn't been guessed yet.

    LOVE your designs in your Etsy Shop ~ your soldered pins are Gorgeous!!

    Hope your week is "Hoppy" ~

    Bunny Hugs ~


  8. Hi, Donna, I'm gonna go with modeling, only because no one's said it before...

    And your ornament arrived today - thank you, it's beautiful!

  9. hi Donna, I think that you have never jumped off a 20' cliff. Love to read your blog

  10. Hi Donna. What fun. I'm in the goldfish crowd. Some of the rest I'm sure you have perfectly logical explanations for and they may not be quite as they seem on the surface. You have a naughty mind. Naughty but nice that is.


  11. Wade-o says:: It's either the live goldfish or.... Jessica says:: the 20 + cliff jump (thinking of the ski jump story...). Can't wait to find out!

  12. That's a beautiful picture of you with the pups. And just look at those muscles in your arms! Yowzer! They're still in there...


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