December 30, 2009

"Wild Hare" Wednesday, Currently In Progress....

Today's "Wild Hare" Wednesday is currently in progress. Please return later today to find out which "wild hare" has affilicted me, and just how I resolved my "issues"...
A few hints:
• a walk-in closet
• a guest room (more on that on another day)
• oh, my goodness!!!
Thank you for your patience...Later, gator!
Just so you know what I'm up to...The Wild Hare that grabbed me today was to clean out my closet. What was I thinking? It's 3:15 in the afternoon. I have filled TWO yard waste sized garbage bags with clothing to donate to Goodwill, and I'm still not finished. I just wanted you to know that the mountain of clothes under which I'm buried is only half as big as it was when I started.

Thanks, Shell for the motivation to do this the last part of December. My closet will be clean and clutter-free in the new year! More later...(sigh)

By 6 pm today, I had filled THREE bags full, put all my clothes away and cleaned up the bedroom. Handsome came in, saw my progress for the day and said, "Hey, you want to go out for dinner tonight?" Isn't he just the best??? (We went to Sonnys for barbeque.)

So to finish off this interminable post...What the heck was I thinking?! Holy Moly! I'm thoroughly bushed! I think tomorrow I'll do something completely fun. Certainly nothing that involves emptying a large space, cleaning and restocking it! I also think that next week's Wild Hare Wednesday will involve a past experience. Also, although my back is a little tender, I was really careful not to re-injure or hurt myself today. We don't need any of that! Thanks again, Shell!

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Anonymous said...

Now, Remember what Mummy asked...about the closet that treadying myself for the move my supply is almost depleted..haha I hope your anniversary was all, and everything, you dreamed it would be.
God has surely blessed you both and I know He will continue to do so.
Lots of love in the New Year.....Mumsy.

DeeDee said...

Oh I cannot wait...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, I'll be back to see! Take it easy on your back. Twyla

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Wooooo hoooo! Now that's my girl! Love that Wild Hare!!!
Ok... seriously though... like Twyla said, take it easy on your back. No more nerve, spasm, icky stuff.

Sharon said...

Hi Donna, I have one more day to coplete my task.... At the end of each day I take my donations down to the goodwill truck in town, that way I won't change my mind. LOL Sharon PS remember great minds think alike....!

The French Bear said...

Donna, you take it easy on your back! That husband of yours is a gem, He really is just the sweetest!!! I adore your wedding picture, you two are so cute!!!!
Margaret B

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, you are an amazing woman! I admire you for something that I need to do so bad. Good for you, you should be so proud of yourself and I'm glad you took it easy on your back! Twyla

DeeDee said...

You go girl..I set a goal to clean one room at a to bottom for the next 6 weeks...I think the closets should count as a room also....I have actually recycled many things I used to wear into other things I can use now...take care of your back...and have some fun tomorrow..Happy New Year

te_roti said...

Were you able to send so many of your clothes to Goodwill because they are now several sizes too big for you? Good on ya girl. You're looking good.



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