October 21, 2021

Studio Tasks...

Packaged and Posted

I spent an entire day in the fabric studio. I measured, cut, folded, packaged, labeled, and ledgered. Once the appointed fabrics were handled, I boxed, weighed, posted and sealed them for shipment. 

Today, I'll be taking the other fabrics I pulled off the shelves to photograph and list in my online shop. This is hard work. Not because it's labor-intensive, but because I see these fabrics again and remember what I love about them. So far, I'm resisting any temptation to put them back on the shelf. I remind myself that they really should go to homes where they'll be used, and not just loved and looked at by me.

I have a hair appointment mid-afternoon, but then I'll continue my task. I should have everything listed up by the weekend, but you'll be able to see them as they're listed, starting later today. Who knows, you might just find something you like!


  1. That's a big undertaking, don't overdo it!

  2. Monumental task to do all the listing and packaging (and lugging to the post office). I will be resisting going and looking at them though because then I know I will covet something and the shipping to Canada will be out of this world. And....I need to remind myself that I already have an abundant stash (though not nearly as extensive as yours!!).

    1. Hi MA:
      I'd love help. If I'm going to work toward my goal to make the fabric room as guest bedroom/library, I've got A LOT to do. I have to eat this elephant one bite at a time.


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