October 25, 2021


Primitivie Gatherings Wool Kits
Weather changes had my hands revolting last weekend. No needlework. No listing on the computer (or even my phone). No breadmaking. I spent most of the weekend taking ibuprofen and rubbing my hands. Basal joint arthritis stinks. Period. It hurts like the blazes one day (or three), and disappears for months with no recurrences. This was a flare weekend. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, I took a few photographs of wool kits I'll be offering for sale. These are Primitive Gatherings kits that I know I won't be stitching, so I'm not going to keep them in drawers when I can send them off to new homes.

Primitive Gatherings Wool Kits
These are only four of the kits I'll be offering. There are more. They're complete with all the wools (and patterns) needed to make the pieces shown on the patterns. I'm going to offer them here for my blog friends first. 

If you're interested in any of these, please send me an email (or leave a comment below). I'll have more photos for each kit that I can share, and I'll list prices, too. Now, one thing to know is that some of these kits came in my Wool Boxes, and aren't available for sale on PG's website yet. They were exclusive for Wool Box subscribers for at least a few months before they're made available to the general public.

Tag will be here tomorrow, but I'll share the rest of the kit information on Wednesday (along with prices, in case you're shy about contacting me without knowing the price ahead of time). After listing them here, I'll list them on my Brynwood Facebook page next. So, if you're really interested in one or more, please contact me asap. Remember, you can click on the images here to enlarge them for a closer look now. I'll be back Wednesday!


  1. The kits are beautiful.
    Hope your hands feel better soon.

  2. I'm so sorry about your hands - I have 'arthur' in mine and that's painful enough at times, but I think your issue takes the pain level up a few notches. Do you find the weather affects them? It's raining here today and my hands are achy.
    I love the primitive look but I won't succumb to temptation, sadly.

  3. Not a wool maker unless it just screams at me like a pincushion or needle book. Sorry about your hands. That is dibilitating pain for certain. I have mild issues in both hands from years of typing. If my hands are idle too long, and especially when the weather changes, they ache something fierce. Peppermint essentials oil works for me and smells good! Get better soon.

  4. I am very sorry your hands are hurting from a painful flare up. You are wise to stop and take care of them. Prayers and Healing Energy Dear…


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