March 24, 2017

They're Here...

Brynwood Needleworks - U-Pack Trailers

They arrived yesterday morning. We now have two twenty eight foot trailers in our yard. I wish I'd been home when they arrived just to see how the driver horsed both of these units into our tight parking area.

Brynwood Needleworks - U-Pack Trailers
After doing our research, we hired two trailers that would usually be packed by the homeowner. However, U-Pack™ (a division of ABF Freight Company) works closely with a company called Moving Staffers™ and their associates will take care of the heavy lifting for us.
Today, four strong men will arrive to work for eight hours loading our belongings. While they're moving the furniture and boxes we've already packed, I'll be filling the rest of the boxes that will go onboard today. We won't load every single thing quite yet, as we're not leaving here until March 28th, when the trailers begin moving north.
So far, working with these two companies has been a pleasure. Representatives have been knowledgeable and helpful. They've made excellent suggestions, and have answered all our questions. Between the two companies, they'll handle the loading, driving, and unloading. All we have to do is pack and unpack the boxes.

Number One Son is here now, and will help Handsome empty the little attic space above our garage, and wherever else we need him. We're so grateful he made the trip, and will be here to drive north with the dogs and me. He helps take some of the worry of my dear husband, too, and that's priceless.
I think the kitchen will be closed for the day, and we'll be going out for dinner tonight. 


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Jane said...

It sounds like you have everything very well-organized. Good to have your son there to help. Best wishes for a smooth move to your new farmhouse home!

sunny said...

Moving men are awesome! Definitely worth the price to let them do the heavy lifting.

Createology said...

You have found a very good solution to the dilemma of actually moving cargo to your new homestead. Your son will be a big help and such a comfort factor. He is propably very happy to have you and Handsome closer to him and his family. Safe Transport Dear. The days are closing quickly aren't they?!!

Kris said...

Wow!! Now that makes it all "real" seeing those trailers in your yard!! Yikes!! I am sooo excited for you all!! And what a wonderful son to come down to help with the harder stuff and the driving!! How fun will that be to get to chat with him all the way up to the Farm? xoxoxo

Sewing In CT said...

Good planning! Enjoy time with #1 Son.


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