March 3, 2017

Farmhouse Update - Living Room...

Brynwood Needleworks - Farmhouse Living Room - Before

This is how our living room looked at the farmhouse the first time we saw it. We were drawn to the cozy space with so much natural light filling the room. It's separated from the dining room by a lovely, big arch. The whole house just felt happy when we walked through.

While the decor wasn't quite our taste, we knew that the bones were solid and sturdy. Handsome is 6" 5" tall. Rarely does one find a 98 year old farmhouse with 9' foot ceilings and 7' doorways, but that's what we found here. This room (and the dining room) had dropped ceilings covering damaged lathe and plaster, so we knew we'd remove that and restore them to match the height of the ceilings found in the other rooms.

We also checked under the carpet, which revealed the maple floors that were original to the house. Carpet would go, in favor of refinished floors.

Brynwood Needleworks - Farmhouse Living Room - After (Unfurnished)
Work began in earnest at the farmhouse in January. Our younger son is a talented carpenter, and we hired him to act as general contractor in our stead. (He has also brought his own craftsmanship to our new home, which I'll reveal after we've moved in.) His first task was pulling down the false ceiling to assess the damage. 
He brought in a drywaller, who is also an artist with plaster, to determine the best way to proceed with the ceilings and walls throughout the farmhouse. Once that was decided, a local electrician was called in first to pull wires for more lighting and outlets where we needed them. (Son and I drafted drawings before I left Wisconsin last December.) 
After the electrician, the drywaller came back and moved from room to room, repairing or replacing the damaged areas. We were adamant that walls and ceilings didn't have to be perfect. We chose early on to honor the age and design of the farmhouse, so we weren't removing walls, and we wanted the rooms to keep some of the "wrinkles" that come with age and us!
During all of this work, our one-man painting crew (my beloved uncle) worked from room to room, updating the walls and woodwork to our new color scheme. He has worked tirelessly, with stunning results. Using the two colors we chose throughout the house makes it appear even larger, and the spaces are more cohesive because of it.
Finally, the floors are all finished. The high traffic sealer was applied to our sanded floors, and now it will cure through the weekend. 
My uncle will go back in to finish the last of the painting, the electrician will return to hang fixtures, our son will complete his work, and then the house will be ready for our return the end of this month. Our furniture and family will move in, and the house will come to life again, with people breathing love and laughter back into every space. Our happy house will become home.


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Sewing In CT said...

I love it! Can't wait to see your touches!

CathieJ said...

What beautiful floors. I am looking forward to seeing your decor.

Jacque. said...

oh Donna. You must be beside yourself with excitement! I love all that you're doing...updating/refreshing while preserving its integrity. LOVELY!!! xo

Buttons said...

Oh my gosh, this is just beautiful!

Createology said...

This is truly a labor of love. To take this grand old Farmhouse and preserve its bones yet update to this new elegant level is masterful. Your Son and Uncle are such a blessing to be able to facilitate all of his while you have been in Florida. I love your "new" home and I know how happy you and Handsome and Tag and Bella will be. Beautiful! <3

Jeannie B. said...

I am having so much fun and pleasure seeing you redo this farmhouse. I love that you are keeping the integrity and charm. Thankyou for sharing your farmhouse. I am mesmerized by how the room changes with a soft color and white trim.
Love the color your painting. You might have said but I don't remember. What color and brand is it?

C Reeder PhxAz said...

The floors are amazing. Great work crew you have too. Tag and Bella asked me to let you both know how excited they are that you are making their new home so special. It is easing their anxiety with all those moving boxes for sure. They looked at the farm photos while you were busy!!! Found a cute saying - dogs really do talk but only to those who know how to listen.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good evening, Donna,
The floors are doubt that will will be charming with your decor. Take care, ~Natalie

mray said...

Your color choice is perfect, the floors are fabulous and we are seeing the old farmhouse come back to life! Delighted to know family members are involved and a huge part of your dream. This home seems to say welcome home
immediately to all. Blessings to you & all that visit Hickory Hill.


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