March 7, 2017


Brynwood Needleworks - Robert Bateman Raccoon Print
I've always loved raccoons, and have often had them mixed in the decor of my home. Before I met Handsome, I had porcelain figurines, needlework (my own embroideries) and images around my apartments.
This image was the first Christmas gift Handsome gave me. It's a framed print of a painting by Robert Bateman, and it's been with me (us) ever since. I packed it up today to go to the farmhouse, and it will hang there, too.

I also packed at least a dozen other boxes, as I ready our possessions for the trip north in a few short weeks. So far, I've packed over one hundred, and still have more to go. It's amazing just how much a person can accumulate, living in the same home for fifteen years!

I'll also be putting items aside to donate, and of course, there will be things that just get tossed. Handsome has his office and garage to pack, to he'll be going through the same steps, too. We'll work together to get all our work accomplished by the time our moving trucks arrive.
I also made a delicious bread pudding yesterday, too. Instead of raisins, I sprinkled a mixture of brown sugar, butter and Hickory Hill Farm hickory nuts on top. Did I say it was delicious? uh, huh!

Today, I'll be shipping out orders and making the mug mats for my swap drawings. Once they're finished, I'll empty out the studio to ready it for our local painter. I committed to having the walls repaired and painted after we remove the shelves, so the room is ready for our buyers. The sooner I empty it, the sooner he can get in.

"Hi, ho...hi, ho..." You know the rest. hee hee (You're going to be singing that for a little while now, won't you?)

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Createology said...

Hi Ho...Oh No! Raccoons are quite the interesting critters and you are the very first person I know to have collected them. Lovely painting. 100 + boxes packed and still counting...Oh My!!! Speaking of mug mats...did you get an envelope from me? Safe packing dear. <3

Jacque. said...

Moving across country is so much more than across town. I didn't count boxes, but I had so much more stuff than I thought I did. Amazing how that happens, hey? Course, the most fun part was getting here and unpacking. ~grin~


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