March 19, 2017

Prize Drawing Results...

Brynwood Needleworks - Mug Mat Set One - "Broderie"

In conjunction with the March Madness Mug Mat Swap, I created two different mug mats of my own. I wanted to create them as drawing gifts for those who participated in the swap. 
Brynwood Needleworks - Mug Mat Set One - "Broderie"

I've added a few gifts to go with the mats. Each set includes a mug for your favorite cup of tea, coffee or cocoa. The tiny bear is filled with Sarasota honey from a local supplier. It's not from our farm in Wisconsin, but it is tasty. I don't know if the winners have ever tried chai tea, but I'm fond of Vanilla Chai, especially when I add cream to the cup.

Brynwood Needleworks - Mug Mat Set Two - "Acorns"

The second set resembles the first as far as extras are concerned. This one also has a fun mug, a honey bear and two packets of chai tea. Each set has a Florida post card, too.

Brynwood Needleworks - Mug Mat Set Two - "Acorns"
The first name drawn will have first choice between the two sets. That means, of course, that the second name drawn will receive the other set.
These are all the ladies who participated in the swap, and these are the only people eligible to win the mat sets. I've assigned numbers from top to bottom, as you would read their names. So, I headed over to Random Number Generator and here are the winners (drum roll, please):


 Congratulations, ladies!
Sherry, you get first choice, so once you let me know which one you'd like, I'll send yours, as well as Denise's on their way to their new homes! 

I hope all of you enjoyed making your mats to send to your partners. I enjoyed the comments and photos I received from you, showing what you sent off to your partner. I've also had fun reading the comments from your partners after they received your gifts.

I think we'll do this again in the fall...after the farm is settled, our Florida accommodations decided and I have time on my hands to add a few more inspirations and a new tutorial. I hope you all had fun and hope you'll join again in the fall. Thanks!


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The Farmer's Attic said...


Gloria M said...

Congratulations ladies, the gifts are beautiful as always from Donna. Thanks Donna for being the host. Truly enjoyed the swap. xo gloria

Goatldi said...

For some internet or intergalactic reason I could not post last night. Big congrats to Sherry and Denise! A big thank you to Donna for hosting the exchange. Now with each cuppa I will be reminded of the a new friend and fun of challenging my skills.

Createology said...

Thank you sew very much Donna! I am so grateful and surprised. Sorry I didn't see this was happening. I would love to receive the Acorn Mat with the Avalanche Mug. Thank you dear! I am thrilled to have participated in this Mug Mat swap. I learned a new sewing skill (attaching binding) and will now be able to make gifts throughout the year. Bless you Donna for hostessiing this along with all of your moving chores. Grateful and Excited!!! <3


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