March 14, 2017

There Shall Be Hollyhocks...

Once the snow and cold disappears, the spring plants will start to peek out of the ground at the farm. I'm planning to add flowers around the house after our new wraparound porch is rebuilt. 
I've been thinking about which plants I'll choose to bring color and fragrance to our gardens. We already have morning glories, lily of the valley, chrysanthemums, a few wild roses and hydrangeas (bridal bouquet) next to the porch, along with evergreen bushes (which I'll move). There are lilacs growing in the front and side yard now, and I'll be adding more of those.

Across the yard, we have lilies, and the tulips and daffodils I received from my friend, Amy. I planted those before I left the farm last fall.

I want to have bleeding hearts, forget-me-nots, geraniums, tiger lilies, lavender, peonies, and of course, hollyhocks. Am I forgetting something? 

The plantings around the porch will have to wait a while, but I'm anxious to dive into a few seed catalogs, and find plants that haven't been engineered to harm bees or butterflies, to add to our yard. I'll will definitely be found in the garden this summer.


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Createology said...

All of your plants sound divine. Bees and butterflies and hummingbirds will be ever so grateful for the flowers. I love everything you mentioned...and snapdragons and pansies and well you and the seed catalogues will have lots of fun. Spring Bliss Dear...


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