February 2, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - Bein' Random...

 Hi, Everybody!

I decided to make today's post full of my random thoughts.
I'm always thinkin' about stuff and it's been a busy week.
I've been workin' on my selfies again. I think I'm gettin' better.
 "Who's yer daddy?"
This one just cracks me up.

I'm still workin' on my "Kardashian" selfie.
You know...lookin' at my butt. snort
It's not ready for prime time yet, so I'll save that one for another time.
 Mom took a break from sewin' on Saturday to make a sandwich.

"I see you have a sandwich.
I do not have a sandwich.
Would you like to share your sandwich?"

(In case you're wonderin'...My pleadin' look got me a
small corner of bread and some meat. SCORE!)
 In case you hadn't heard - last Sunday was the Super Bowl.
I called it the "Ex-Licks Game".
I thought it was a strange name, considerin' I didn't see any dogs playin.
(Mom's note: Tag misinterpreted "Super Bowl XLIX". sigh)

I think my favorite commercial was the one for Budweiser.
I trotted over to the t-and-v when I heard the puppy bark.
Got there just in time to see those big horses scare off that mean wolf!
 ...and escort the Labrador puppy safely back home. I love happy endings.
 Last, but not least...
Mom got all excited last night when the mail came.
It was a package from Aunt Marion!!! We love those packages.

Inside was a MINI ME!!!
 Aunt Marion took a felting class and made one of these of my brother, Trip, first.
Then, she decided to make one of me for Mom. We think she did a perfect job!
 In case you're wonderin' how big it is, the red donut in front is actually
a new glass bead that Aunt Marion made for Mom for Valentine's Day. It's
gonna go on Mom's Troll™ bracelet. (It's the same as a Pandora™ bracelet.) 

Mom has a package of goodies that she's been plannin' to send to Aunt Marion.
I think this will motivate her to get it in the mail and on its way to Michigan.

Thanks, Aunt Marion!!!
You shoulda heard Mom squeeeeeeal when she opened the box. 
She was really, really happy. Thanks for makin' us smile. (You did
see the picture of me smilin' up above, didn't you?)  Mom said I
should say "Smooches" to you. (Smooches to my brother, Trip, too!) 

Well, I gotta run again for this week.
I'll see you in seven. 'til then...

"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
and The Sunshine On Your Tail."

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Createology said...

Hello Tag! Your Selfie's are improving and I favor the smiling one. You really cannot compete with the BIG BUTT of I don't know why she is famous...WHY! Because your HEART shaped butt is perfect and uber cute!!! Aunt Marion really did a great felted Tag. Enjoy your week of Corgi Bliss...

Patchworker said...

Hi there sweet Tag - oh you are a star and your Selfies are just perfect! Lucky Aunt Marion in receiving a felted Tag and your Mom is certainly very talented and I do know how much she loves you! I am sending smooches to you Tag and will look forward to hearing from you next week!

TerriSue said...

Dear Tag,
How do you do it? I don't care how pleading I look, how starved I make myself look, how adorable I make myself, I NEVER get a bite of people food around here. The only way I get extra food is camping out under the bird cages. Momma feeds them all pelleted organic food. It's better than seeds. Our black Capped Conure, Sammy, is real messy so I eat after him. Momma says she can't feed me anything extra because of my bird food habit and she has to keep me under 6 pounds. The Vet says I have something called arthritis in my joints. All I know is I want food.
I think the felted you is a perfect likeness. You are so handsome.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love your selfies boy and your mini me is adorable.



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