February 18, 2015

It Was Just One Of Those Days...

This will be the exterior of my next finished wallet. I've called this one "Flea Market". I decided to work on it while waiting for the hardware to arrive for one of the other "mostly finished" ones. I was really happy with the way it's looking until...
I realized that I had installed the credit card pockets without sewing in the divider line. I'll either take out one side of stitching and add the dividing stitching, or I'll keep it intact and hand stitch it. I haven't decided yet.

Rather than sit down and "unstitch", I decided to go on to the next wallet. I have all the fabric prepared, so it's just a matter of sewing and assembling.
I pulled one of the Kaffe colorways and started sewing. I got this far when I had to set everything aside to help deal with another issue...
When I went to feed Tag yesterday morning, I stepped into the garage (where I keep his food storage container) and stepped onto a soaking wet rug. I immediately knew what that meant. There was a leak.

I looked at the water heater and found water under it. I went in the house and told Handsome. He called the plumber and they arrived within the hour. Our water heater was under warranty, so it was replaced quickly and the water was turned back on.

There was only one problem. As soon as the water was turned back on, there was water under the water heater again. Uh, oh.
Our plumber determined that there was a leak in the supply line (by cutting out a section of garage wall)...and fearing that the problem was underground (it's where they put pipes in Florida homes), recommended we proceed by calling in a company that can use technology to locate the source of the problem. Our plumber set up the appointment for us and the company quickly sent someone over.

We were fortunate. The leak is in the wall between the water heater and our kitchen pantry. I had to empty part of the pantry so the wall could be opened, and our kitchen is a mess until I can put everything away again. The good thing is that they were able to pinpoint the source of the leak through a small opening in the pantry wall - even though they'll have to open the wall directly behind it in the garage to actually effect the repair.
The water was turned off overnight and now the plumber has to come back to do the work. Once he's finished, we'll get someone in to fix the walls...and then I can clean everything up again.

We're so glad it wasn't worse. If the leak hadn't been in the wall, there would have been jackhammers and cement dust and excavating. Why Florida requires/allows under slab/foundation plumbing installation is beyond me, but that's where everything is. For now, there is an easier fix, and I'll be fixing that wallet while I wait.

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Indigo Blue said...

Oh dear. Glad the damage is contained. Water can creep further than you think. We had a disastrous episode with burst pipes in the attic after some particularly freezing temperatures. It had nowhere else to go but downwards!
Never seen my hubby move so fast once we knew what the problem was.
Hope it is all sorted quickly and love the clutches. Amazing how different they look with a change of fabric.

Createology said...

You are having a tiny bit of what I am having...home repairs vs. reno/repairs. The dust is unbelievable! Thankfully you are able to avoid the concrete demo. I am so sorry your pipes sprung a leak. Incontinence is no fun!!! Beautiful wallets dear. Is Tag rolling his eyes at you still making wallets?

Minimiss said...

Repairs due to water leakage are no fun. Been there, done that - twice!! I hope it doesn't take to long to fix and tody up again.


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