February 10, 2015

Cutting Kaffe...

I've been preparing more wallets, so now I'm cutting some bright and beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabrics. This is the blue colorway I've chosen...
and this is the bright fabric that I've chosen to line in purple for the first one, and the dots for the second one. I know just the person who will be over the moon when she sees the finished wallets. She'll think they were custom-made, just for her!
In addition to the Kaffe fabrics, I also pulled this bicycle print that I've had set aside for a while. I'm pairing it with a black linen fabric. Mmmmm mmm. I'm looking forward to seeing that one come together!
The last one in this stack is a honey bee for a sweet lady. This one will be a surprise, and I'll tell you more about it after it's finished and in the hands of the recipient. Don't you just love how the golden fabric called "dimples" looks like tiny honeycombs?

We'll see how far I get today. My students will be here this evening for their next class. They're really coming along! I'll show you tomorrow what they make in tonight's session.

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Sharon said...


I love your wallets and definitely want to get one after I recover from "puppy" expenses. I like the bicycle

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna as always I love coming by here and seeing what you are doing. I certainly have missed you! My blogging days are too few and far between but I was hoping this new year might be different.
These fabrics are gorgeous. I have to catch up with you and see your wallets. I know if your making them I will want one.
Hope you guys are well. We had your temps here today and made me think of you.

Createology said...

Tag was so right...you are hooked on wallets and having such fun with your fabrics. Each one you create is done with such attention to detail and placement of great fabric combinations. I don't think I could ever select just one favorite. Creative Wallet Bliss...

Buttons said...

These wallets are just like chocolates or potato chips, "you just can't have one"! Love mine and each one you create is so beautiful and unique. :)


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