February 22, 2015

I Fought The Good Fight...

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It was an epic battle. The battle between "cold" and "no cold". I drank lots of orange juice. I sprayed Lysol spray on everything. I put Mentholatum in my nose (I'm not sure why). I even did the "Tupelo Cure" (Tupelo honey and ground cinnamon by the teaspoonful).  I tried everything I could think of and I thought I was winning...I really did.
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But, when Handsome started coughing, I knew it was all over. Short of running around the house in a white, surgical mask, I knew I was doomed.
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It hit me hard on Saturday, and now I'm the one coughing, sneezing and speaking in a bass voice. I just couldn't sit around doing nothing. I took my time and hung out in the studio for most of the day. No "heavy machinery", mind you. I stayed away from my sewing machines.
I managed to cut out the parts and pieces for ten new wallets. Everything is ready to go when I am. That won't be today. Today, I'll continue with the orange juice, and perhaps get a little solar therapy in the Holidome. Sunshine helps cure colds, right?

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sunny said...

Sunshine = Vitamin D = healthy! Hope you're better soon. I lost the battle to the stomach virus, and lost 4 days of my life.

Createology said...

Oh Dear you did your best to not be sick. Sometimes we just need down time to recuperate. Off to the Holidome for that all important Sunshine. Healing Energy for you and Handsome and Tag too.
P.S. I can't believe you had energy to do all that cutting out of 10 more wallets. Whew!

Indigo Blue said...

I am sorry to hear you are unwell. Some of the coughs and colds are really quite harsh and knock everyone flat. Keep drinking (water I suppose but something string for medical purposes might to good) and keep warm.
Hope you feel better soon.

Minimiss said...

Hope you're feeling much better soon.

Mandy said...

You have my sympathies. As one who is also struggling with a bad cold, I know exactly how you feel. Like you, I succumbed after my dear husband had had the same symptoms.
No matter, you are ready to get back into that sewing room as soon as you feel strong enough. Well done for preparing ahead.
Hope you feel much better soon.


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