February 12, 2015

And Then I Hit A Wall...

This wallet was three-quarters finished and then...I hit the wall. The combination of fabric, stabilizer and multiple layers were causing Miss Ellie and my Crescendo some major grief. It's giving me a major headache. 

I worked on it for most of the day yesterday. I changed denim needles, I changed presser feet, and I didn't even say naughty words, but so far the wallet is winning and it's still unfinished. 

I'm going to take another run at it this morning before moving on to another fabric (already cut out) that won't be as contrary as this one apparently is. I'm not giving up either. I'll locate a heavy duty, industrial machine and beat this beauty into submission.

What's on your agenda for today?
Something a bit less trying, I hope.

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The Farmer's Attic said...

Your fabric is beautiful!!! Hope you are able to finish with no further problems.

Createology said...

Hmmm...Tag must be doing his happy dance if you are done making wallets soon. Sorry about the frustrating fabric woes. Some of those gilded fabrics are tough as nails. Better day today dear...


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