February 15, 2015

See The Buzz...

My latest wallet was finished on Sunday. I spent the day doing other things on Saturday, but got back into the studio to play before the weekend was over.

This is "Buzz". It's already spoken for...and like many you'll see in the future, will be one-of-a-kind. Rather than feeling bad about that, I'm embracing the uniqueness of each piece I'm creating. This one won't be listed in the shop, but there will be a few from the same line that will be.
I've added a new feature to my wallets, too. You'll be seeing security tabs in some of my future pieces, and if you choose a custom design, you can request a tab if you'd like one. No additional charge, either.
This is the main design feature for the Strawberry Thief (Rust colorway) wallet. I'm showing this photo again because the interior fabric, with the musical theme, is also shown in the photo and it's an accurate color representation.
Here's the exterior (again) of the wallet I created with that fabric. It has a gold accent on the fabric design.
...and here's the completed interior. This will be listed for sale in the Brynwood Boutique this week. It will not be for sale through my Etsy shop...only in my Boutique. Both of these wallets will come with a shoulder strap, wrist strap and bonus keychain in coordinating fabric.
If you see something you'd like, please let me know before it gets listed. I'll be sharing more during the week.

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Jacque. said...

You are doing such an awesome job on these wallets...each one unique in its own way. Keep having fun with them!

Createology said...

Sew very beautiful and meticulously sewn in your elegant style and fabrics. The addition of the security tab is very smart. Blissful Stitching Dear...

Eleanor Mefford said...

Donna--your wallets are just stunning; you are so amazing at not only stitching them together, but in choosing fabrics and colors. I LOVE fabric; and can't wait for the weather to abate so I can go to the fabric store.

You might remember that my Newfie, Louisa, died last fall; and I'm starting to look for a Corgi. (I've always either had Corgis or Newfies!). I'm going to try and go with the rescue groups in the hopes that something delicious will turn up. I'm hoping for something to happen in April or May, when the weather is nicer.

Love, Eleanor

Kris said...

These wallets just keep getting better and better!! Love them all!! And the Honey Bee one is definitely a fav!!

Yumm yumz by patticakes said...

Each one is more beautiful than the one before!
What is the price on the Strawberry Thief please?

Patchworker said...

Wow Donna you are just a wonderful and creative sewer of just about everything - especially these lovely wallets!


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