February 20, 2015

Peace River Quilt Show Weekend...

#608 "Bailey's Batik" by Jann Humble
The 13th Biennial Peace River Quilters' Guild quilt show is this weekend.
Their theme is "Every Quilt Has A Story".
Friday was the first day and I saw one incredible quilt after another.
#1702 "Beneath The Sea" by Linda Bauman (quilted by Susan Slaton)
Color, texture and imagination filled the hall...and the talent was awe inspiring!
I had a difficult time deciding which quilts to share with you. I had so many choices. 
#403 "Colors of Egypt - Egypt of Colors" by Sharon Topping
Some of the quilts were done in traditional paterns and colors, and then there
were the quilts that stood out for their unique fabrics and design choices.
#2003 "Fishing The Pass" by Karen Stockwell
I'm so glad that I wasn't a judge for this show. I don't know how one could possibly
choose a favorite overall. There were eight different top awards for this show...
1) Best of Show (Karen Renninger)
2) Best Hand Quilting (Beth Polidan)
3) Best Stationary Machine Quilting (Pamela Peck)
4) Best Track-Mounted Machine Quilting (Susan Slaton)
5) Best Use of a Classic Pattern (Vicky Fleming)
6) Best Use of Color and Design (Kim Paar)
7) Judge's Recognition (2) (Pat Haas and Karen Stockwell)
8) National Quilting Association Award of Merit (Vicky Fleming)
#512 "Poipu Beach" by Madeline Schminke
There were quilts that were appliqued', pieced, traditional, modern, abstract, and
more. Every corner I turned revealed yet another masterpiece, each worthy of a ribbon.
# 703 "Journey With Jane Stickle" by Karen Renninger
This is the quilt that earned "Best of Show". It's a reproduction of a traditional
sampler quilt from 1863 and utilizes 225 unique blocks, triangle and kite designs.
It was completely hand quilted, with the exception of the sashing.
I can see why it received the "Best of Show" distinction. It was truly worthy.
I had fun visiting my friends who belong to this guild, and I enjoyed finding
their completed pieces in the exhibit hall. I realized I still have much to learn.

I didn't stay as long as I wanted to because I was under the weather (trying to
stave off a cold). If I'm up to it, I'll head back to Punta Gorda for the final day
of the show today to see what I might have missed. There was so much
inspiration that I want to be sure to absorb as much of it as possible.

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Jacque. said...

I amazed at the quilts some make...they are so unique and I could not even begin to put something like that together. Thank you so much for sharing. xo

Sewing In CT said...

They are lovely! I love them all and can appreciate your challenge in sharing. Feel better. I feel the same way up here in the cold.

Createology said...

Sorry you aren't feeling 100%. These quilts are stunning and amazing. I am in awe of all this talent. Healing energy dear...

Minimiss said...

What stunning quilts.


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