April 28, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - One Is Not Amused...

Hi, Everybody!

You may recognize this picture from a former post, 'cuz there are no new
pics of me this week! Mom's been too darn busy and I've been neglected!  

I'm lucky she's been rememberin' to feed me. (Of course, the fact that 
I  always fetch my own food dish so she can fill it helps remind her!) 
She does remember to stop and snuggle me, but that's girly stuff. Yuck!

She's still up to her elbows in movin' stuff around (and she growls - but not at
me). I figure it's smart to just stay out of her way. As long as she feeds me and
let's me outside when I have to go, I can put up with a few more days of this.
web image
  I'm gonna start lobbyin' to do somethin' fun just as soon as this junk
 project is done. She better be thinkin' about it while she's luggin' stuff.

I'm not gonna stay here and whine (not my style, you know), so I think
I'll leave you with a deep thought for today. You don't think I really just
 lie around all day, do you? I think about really important stuff, too. 
Here goes:

"When you're not sure what to do with yourself, just roll
over on your back and look cute. Someone will surely walk
 past, rub your belly and make you feel loved and needed."

There, I feel better already. I'll see you next week. 'til then,
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Eleanor Mefford said...

I am appalled that they would neglect you so!!! Louisa says to tell you she is neglected too--today I am going to my new job for the first time and will no longer be home in the afternoons!!! She is too annoyed for words, and is not amused either. Maybe the two of you can get together and commiserate. Love, Eleanor

Createology said...

Tag somehow I am thinking you are not neglected. Those eyes of yours look like they are dancing with delight at what will be your newest hangout! I bet that new floor will feel very comfortable to your roll-overs and belly rubs. By the time you read this Mom will probably be just about finished. She will need a good massage after all this. Do you think you could walk your puppy paws across her back a few hundred times to give her a unique massage? Now you should be laughing! Smooches...

Beedeebabee said...

Donna, oops...I mean Tag, you are just too darn funny! "while she's luggin' stuff"...I just about spit out my sip of tea when I read that one! xo

Kris said...

ROFLLLLLL!!! Oh, my pooooor baby boy!! Ya know your Mom loves you and just to make you feel a bit better, she hates the mess too!! ♥


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